Seeing Weird Ads on Google Search Page? Save tabs Chrome Extension Might be the Culprit

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Asif Ahmed
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While there may be more reasons than just a smart ass Chrome extension, most of my Google search pointed me to the same Chrome extension and it was indeed the culprit.

What is Save Tabs?

Save Tabs chrome extension has actually a really nice concept. It lets you tackle Google Chrome big problem of memory management.

You can actually get the similar functionality from some other Chrome extensions as well, so there isn’t actually anything you know that this from the extension is offering. The only thing that is in favor of this chrome extension is its User Interface.

How Does it Gets installed on Google Chrome?

I checked it’s available in the Google Web Store, and sorry it is being listed there, but I don’t really recall when did I actually install it.

The Chrome extension has got several negative feedback and most of them talk about how the Chrome extension was installed in their Chrome browsers without the consent.

And when we look at the homepage of Save Tabs Chrome extension, it clearly visible most of the installs that are happening, are done via pop up ads her come bundled with some freeware.

Either way, it’s really unethical to have something installed in your Chrome without your consent. And after it gets installed it kind of Hijacked the Google search page by inserting their own ads.

It also adds custom search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing.

How to uninstall the Save Tabs’ Chrome Extension?

Thankfully you can you remove this Chrome extension just like you remove any other Chrome extensions all you need to do is, head over to the extensions section. or simply type ‘chrome://extensions/’ in the address bar.

Find the Save Tabs Chrome Extension from the list of extension in simply click on remove.

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