App Cloner vs Parallel Space – Best Option to Run Dual Apps on your Smartphone?

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Often times, you may find yourselves in situations where you need to run more than one account for a similar service. The situation might not be unique to you, there are a lot of people like you.

App developers know it and this is why they’ve enabled the multi-account support (well, most of them did)

While we can run two (or more accounts) in Gmail, Twitter Instagram etc, there are still so many apps that do not offer this functionality.

So there is a workaround,

There are apps that let you clone an App so that you can run two instances of the same app, which will let you run two accounts.

Now, there are a bunch of such apps available, some are listed in the Play Store and some are not. But when it comes to finding the best option available there are only 2 options that have got maximum exposure from the uses.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space app was actually one the first apps that made this possible, it became so popular that some phone makers have started offering this functionality built right into the custom ROMs, and Xioami is one of them.

If you use Xiaomi phone, you can create a dual instance of any app by going to the settings.

For other phones, you can use Parallel space app. To run dual apps, you just need to install the parallel space app on your phone from Play Store, then launch the app and select the app you want to use.

Once the apps have been cloned, the cloned apps will have a plus sign (+) in order to differentiate them from the original ones. And if you have a bunch of them, the parallel space also give some easy organization for the parallel space apps.

Parallel space app is pretty straightforward to use and it does not take any extra step to create a clone of an app.

The one thing, however, I find annoying about parallel space app is the ads, IT office full-screen ads, which are being forced in the faces of users.

Also, the parallel space app needs to be running in the background in order for getting notifications from these cloned apps.

Thankfully there are no some other alternatives for the parallel space app, and one such is App Cloner

App Cloner

App cloner also lets you run 2 instances of the same app but works differently than parallel space app.

You can choose the app that you want to clone, you can change the color of the app icon and even the name of it so that it easier for you to differentiate between the original and the cloned app.

There is a pro version available which offers more feature than the free one, which is at supported, but thankfully the ads are less intrusive than the ones in the parallel space app.

Also, the app closes the APK installer file for the app which means you will have to install it in order to use the app. It might be an extra step to use the app, but fortunately, the cloned APK works as an independent app and does not require the app cloner to run in the background.

Chudi app cloner apps work is only to clone the APK file and do a bit of change to it, after that it can be uninstalled from the Smartphone, which is not the case with the parallel space app.

I use it for a couple of days and I did not find the free version limiting in any way. There are some nice features in the pro version but the free one can get the job done.

One feature I wanted to use in the app cloner, it was the ability to share the cloned APK file, which was only available in the pro version, but I found a workaround.

Workaround to share the cloned APK file.

When you have the APK installed on your smartphone you can use ES Explorer app, and access all the APK of installed apps, which also gives you the option to share it with others via different apps.

So which one is the best app to use Dual instances of a single app?

If you have it read the entire article you may already have gotten the answer to your question. The app cloner is it better and a more convenient option to run two instances of the same app without having to get overwhelmed with ads and getting some more extra RAM consumed.

You can clone and modify a few apps in keep the APK saved or share them with friends, it does not depend on the app tuner app. So my choice would be the app cloner app

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