How to Share any Instagram Post on Your Instagram Story

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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Currently, the hottest social networking website on the internet is Instagram. As the user engagement is decreasing on Facebook day by day, Instagram is saying more growth in the similar time frame.

I have been using Instagram for quite some time, so much that I learnt a lot of things that I shared in a separate post about some Instagram tips and tricks.

However one of the tricks that I learnt later was, how easy it is to share any Instagram post, either by you or by anyone else, with your stories.

Also, the pose you will be adding to your Instagram stories will be clickable, which means more engagement to the Instagram posts.

And no, it doesn’t require you to take a screenshot of the story,
And no, you do not have to have 10,000 or more followers, because it does not require the ‘Swipe up’ feature either.

How to add an Instagram post to Instagram stories

When you have to add someone else’s Instagram post to your story, just go to their Instagram post and find the send button, which will give the options to send it to the people you follow, on the top is the option to send the Instagram post to your own story.

The similar method is required for posting you in Instagram posts to your Instagram stories. Simply Tab on the send button at the first option would be ‘Send it to your story.

Once you tap on it, the Instagram post will be added to the story and you will be able to make edits it.

Such as, you can tap on the Instagram post, to add a white border, which makes it looks pretty nice. You can then type words, add hashtags or location tags as you normally do on your Instagram stories. And then you can post it.

Check out this video tutorial to know how to do it

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