How to Take Screenshots from YouTube Videos

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If you are a blogger or anyone who has to write articles, either on the web or for print, it is always tough to get visuals for them.

While there are a lot of resources out there, one of the easiest is YouTube, it has plenty of videos out of which you can take a frame which can add value to your article.

Taking a frame from a YouTube video for your article is just one of many use cases. I just mentioned this one, because, it is my use case.

So, in this article, I am going to show you how you can take screenshots from a YouTube video easily.

How to take screenshots from a YouTube video in Google Chrome

Though all the methods of taking a screenshot on your PC or Laptop is going to work for YouTube as well, if you need to be precise when it comes to taking the screenshot of the exact frame, there are other methods.

We will take help of a Chrome extension. And the one I use is Magic Actions for YouTube.

The Extension gives you several options to choose from just below every YouTube video

The extension is meant for doing much more with YouTube than just taking screenshots.

The chrome extension, as the name suggests, enhances your YouTube watching experience.

You can change the size of the video player, even make it full screen that takes up the entire space of the Chrome tab, without actually getting full screen, you can enter in Cinema Mode, which makes watching videos more fun.

You can use your Mouse Wheel or Touchpad Two finger swipe to control the volume.

And you can take Snapshots from the video you are playing. You also get several options, like adding a YouTube Play button, adding other elements of the YouTube video player.

You have the option to choose the quality, size and format of the Snapshot image

Talking about taking screenshots using Magic Actions for YouTube chrome extension, it one of the easiest way to take screenshots from a YouTube video.

How to take screenshots from a YouTube video in Firefox

If your default browser is Firefox, Magic actions for YouTube is also available as an Add-on for Firefox as well.

The good thing is, it offers almost all the features for Firefox what it offers in Google Chrome.

You can try out Magic Actions for YouTube yourself and try taking the screenshots.

Add the Add-on to Firefox

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