How to Turn Off Notifications for Facebook Live Videos

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There was a time when we used to have a lot of notifications from Facebook but most of has have turned it off from the settings area.

Facebook actually makes it pretty easy to turn off notifications, but if it has been a while for you to turn off the notifications on Facebook.

Chances are you would still get notifications for things like a Facebook live video when the person you follow or any of your friend is doing the Facebook Live.

Now in some situations, it might be useful but after a certain period of time, it feels like a distraction to keep getting notifications for things you do not enjoy.

So it is time for you to turn off notifications for Facebook live videos as well.

This is how you can turn off Facebook live notifications.

To turn off notifications for Facebook live, you can visit the Facebook website on a desktop or open it in the Google Chrome browser of your mobile phone.

Then request desktop website this way you will be able to get to the full version of Facebook which has an easy way to get to the settings where you can find the option to turn off the notifications.

So, once you log into your Facebook account, you need to click on the downward Arrow on the top right-hand side, next to the question mark icon.

Clicking on it will give you a few options and Settings would be one of them.

You can click on Settings which will open the settings area where you can navigate to the Notifications area in the left section.

Once you are in the notification area, click on ‘On Facebook‘ you will find all the events and the option to turn off notification for such events, the ‘Live Videos’ would be on the bottom of the list, you will notice it would be turned on you need to click on it and turn off.

Once you select all of your notifications for live videos will be turned off completely and you will no longer be getting any notifications inside Facebook.

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