How to turn off Voice Chat in Mute Mic in PUBG Mobile

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The year 2018 was more likely the year when the PUBG mobile was all the rage and 2019 doesn’t seem to differ in any way as far as the popularity of the game is concerned.

A crazy number of people are still playing the game and one of its features are very popularly used by the majority of players which is interacting with each other using voice chat feature which has been taken from the PC version of the game.

But it isn’t as useful as it is on PC because, mobile is something we carry everywhere, and if you are in the middle of the crowd, It wouldn’t really be cool to have multiple voices coming out of your speaker.

And I think it would be better in such situations that you have the ability to disable voice chat and meet your mic.

So this is how you can disable voice chat and Mute your mic while playing PUBG on your Mobile.

The option to mute voice chat is only available when a player is in a match so you will need to start a match in any mode.

Right beside the minimap and under the settings button there will be a speaker icon which is used for controlling whose voice can be heard.

You can tap on 8 to change the mode. There are basically three modes that you can choose from.

‘All’ would be in that you can hear what anyone is saying, ‘Team’ means that you will only be able to hear what your teammates are saying, and ‘Mute’, the third option means that you won’t hear anyone’s voice at all.

Apart from meeting the voice chat, you can also mute your microphone. Here is how we can do it

Locate the mic button which is under the speaker be done besides the minimap.

Tapping on the mic icon will also give you three modes. ‘All’ means that everyone can hear you what you are saying, ‘Teams’ means that only your teammates will be able to hear you, and ‘Mute’ means no one will be able to hear your voice anymore.

I hope you find this guide to disable voice chat and mute your mic useful and it will be helpful for you if you don’t use your headphones while playing the game are you playing crowded places where other people are also there.

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