Photopea is the Photoshop Like Photo Editing App for Chromebook

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Anwer Khan
Anwer Khan
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If you are a Chromebook user, I can understand how difficult it can be to find an appropriate web app that can work as a replacement for a desktop app.

Even though there is pretty much every alternative web app available that works equally better in comparison to their desktop app counterparts, there are still some apps you wouldn’t find for Chromebooks.

One of the few apps are from Adobe, that is not available for Chromebooks, and even if your Chromebook supports Android apps, the Android version of Adobe apps are not quite like their desktop app.

But you can use a web app called Photopea, which pretty much works like Photoshop.

Even the user interface of Photopea is like Photoshop with proper functions that you can use to manipulate photos.

It may not be as intuitive as the Adobe Photoshop on a Windows or Mac, but it is still better than other web apps that claim to be a replacement for Adobe Photoshop.

There are many things you can do with Photopea app, such as adding text to photos, changing the colours, adding or removing something on the photos by adding layers and much more.

Even though if it does not work like the entire Photoshop on a Mac or a Windows PC, it offers enough functions that are sufficient for 90% of the photoshop users, who use it plainly for photo manipulations or for graphics work.

Good thing is that you can use a combination of apps to get the exact function you get with Photoshop. Such as Photopea and Canva can allow you to make better graphics on photos.

The app is great not only for Chromebook users but for other users as well who are not looking to spend money on an expensive software like Adobe Photoshop, or they do not have sufficient storage on their Computers to install this heavy app.

The reason could be any, but you now know that you have a web app that works and looks exactly like Adobe Photoshop.

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