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5 Top Accessories for iPhone to Upgrade Your Mobile Filmmaking Game

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The cameras on iPhones are one of the best smartphone cameras are there in the market. So if you are into mobile filmmaking, you can make the best use of it.

And if you have got access to certain accessories you can create amazing quality videos just from your iPhone. In this article, we are going to list out some of the best accessories you can buy to upgrade your smartphone iPhone filmmaking game.

Camera Lenses by Jopree

One of the things that differentiate DSLRs from Smartphone cameras is its ability to change lenses.

Fortunately, you can buy lenses for your iPhone that can help you produce stunning quality videos.

The Camera lens kit from Jopree is a must-have if you want ot produce stunning quality videos from your iPhone.

The kids have a 20x Macro lens, a Telephoto lens, a 120-degree lens and a 180-degree fisheye lens that can be used in different scenarios.

Manfrotto Stant for Smartphones

To shoot stable videos, you need a tripod that can hold your camera.

A mini Tripod like the one from Manfrotto can also double up as a phone handle so that you can hold your iPhone in a better way and shoot stable videos.

There are many Mini Tripods are available at different price points, but you should invest in a quality one since it will be holding your precious iPhone.

Smartphone Rid for Flashlight and Mic Mount

When you film with your iPhone, you will find conditions where you would need to attach an extra light and an external mic to the smartphone.

A Smartphone rig like this can make things easy and organized which will enable you to take the shots you want.

Gimbal X Smartphone Stabilizer

No matter how stable you try to stay to take smooth cinematic shots, you won’t be able to match it up to the videos shot using a stabilizer.

Thankfully there are smartphone gimbals which bring this expansive feature to be used on a smartphone so that you can rely on your smartphone to take a different kind of shots.

If you do not want to spend over $100 on a gimbal, get this tiny one for just half the price of it.

iPhone Battery + Case

When you are filming using your smartphone, the only thing that can interrupt your recording is battery juice.

Even if you leave the house with a full battery on your iPhone, you will still require to have some power banks with you for some extra battery juice.

But the Case plus battery pack can make it easier to shoot the videos while it is getting juiced up.

This case can store up to 4000mAh of battery power and protect your iPhone from small falls.


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