Here is Simple Way to Keep Your Transformation Photos & Video Organised in Mobile

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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What do you do when you join the gym?

You take a photo every single day so that at the end of your transformation, you can compile them into a video slideshow and share on social media.

It must be true, because I have seen hundreds of them on Instagram. I see Instagram Reels showing transformation videos and photos of my feed, and they motivated me enough to record my transformation.

I am a content creator, and I take many photos and videos. So even if I take a picture every day in the gym, the gap between two pictures is quite a dozen photos and videos.

It means that when my goal is achieved at the end of my transformation, it will be tough to get all those photos from my photo library.

So here is what I am doing right now, and I think it’s pretty smart.

I use a dedicated WhatsApp group to store all my gym photos.

It is that simple, and I directly take a photograph inside the WhatsApp group. Which is only accessible to me. The photographs are stored in chronological order. It’s very clean and tidy. Just my gym photos.

Creating a WhatsApp group that is only accessible to you is pretty simple, and I have mentioned it on the blog quite a few times. I mean, I have multiple groups for different objectives. One is for taking notes, where I put my shopping items, things I need to remember for a few days, files that I need to share with someone, etc.

I recently made another group called Digital Diary. And as the name suggests, I put my random thoughts into it.

I have another shared group with my wife, where we put stuff about our home and kids so that both of us are in the loop. We don’t use personal chat because it is for daily communication.

So this is my 4th group on WhatsApp, which is only accessible to me and is named ‘My Transformation.’

It is also a bit of motivation to see my transformation group appearing on WhatsApp because it is one of the most-used apps on my mobile phone.

How to create a Whatsapp group only accessible to you?

Open WhatsApp, tap on a new chat, and create a new group. Add someone who will not be mad at you for adding in a group and then removing them.

So once you have added the person, the group is created. And once the group is created, you can tap on the group name, go to the list of members, long tap on the person’s name/number, and remove that person.

Once a person is removed. Only you are in the group, which means it is only accessible to you. If you want to make it look good, you can add a display photo. Something relevant, like a photo of a dumbbell, a picture of a guy running, you get the idea.

Once you have this created, open this group and take the photo directly into the group the next time you are in a gym. You will feel amazing how straightforward it is to keep your transformation photos organized.

If you have other people looking into your smartphone and do not want them to look at the transformation photos, you can archive the group. The archive option appears on top, which will be accessible to you in just two tabs.

Example for using it as a transformation photo of your gym. You can use it to capture the transformation of anything.

I can check out this section for more WhatsApp tips and tricks.

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