Apple Watch Series 5 in 2022? How’s it in Comparison to Series 7?

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So, I finally gave in to the temptation of having an Apple Watch. My third product from Apple is making me get sucked into the ecosystem. Oh, I’ve already written about it here.

Apple Watch is in its generation 7, which means it’s been seven years since Apple launched the Watch, and I have been against buying yet another gadget that will be close to your body.

Buying the Apple Series 7 would be hypocrisy, so I got the Series 5, which makes me a bit less hypocrite. isn’t it.

Now talking about the Apple Watch Series and whether it makes sense to buy it in 2022? Well, you may have already read the headline and gotten my approval. So you can go ahead and skip to the bottom, click on the buy now link and get yours.

Or you can continue reading this article to know why it is worth it.

I am writing this article in July, and the next generation of the Apple Watch, the series 8, is just two months away. People usually skip one generation, which means if you have the Series 7, you will skip series 8 unless there is a huge improvement.

But looking at the previous series, there isn’t much that has changed in the Apple Watch since the Series 5. You can check out this comparison chart.

The question is if you have the Series 6, or even the Series 5, is it old enough to upgrade to the Series 7 or even the series 8 when it is launched?

There isn’t much difference if you look at the spec sheet comparison. Everything is almost identical from Series 7 to Series 5, apart from a few design changes and the presence of the U1 Chip (which isn’t being used now, maybe in the future).

Undoubtedly, the Series 7 is 41mm or 45mm, thanks to slim bezels, but the overall size is still the same. And also, the Storage capacity remains 32GB since the Series 5, series 4 had 16GB, and Series 3 had 8GB.

So if you have the Apple Watch Series 5, you aren’t missing anything even by not having the Series 7. I’ll update it once the series gets launched.

Apple Watch SE or the Series 5?

As we looked at the comparison chart, hardware differences between Series 7, 6 and 5 aren’t that much. It’s a shame Series 5 isn’t available anywhere in the market.

On the other hand, the Watch SE is available everywhere at a great price. You won’t get the Always On Display (AOD) or the ECG App, but everything else will be the same. I also like to have the AOD turned off on my Series 5.

Comparing the Watch SE with Series 7, Blood Oxygen app, ECG App and Always On Display and the unsued UI Chip will be missing on the Apple Watch SE. And that obvious 1mm difference in screen size because of the bezels. Everything else is pretty much the same.

The Ecosystem Features are Same on Every Watch

The fitness aspect of the Apple Watch Series 5 and Watch SE might get limited because of the absence of the ECG App, but ecosystem features are pretty much the same on every Watch.

One of the primary reasons I opted for the Apple Watch is because I use an iPhone. And the remote camera feature is fantastic for taking photos for recording your videos from the back camera as you can use your Watch as a viewfinder.

Then there are features of accepting the call on your Watch, using Siri, or even Apple Pay where available.

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