22 Awesome Tips to Get Work Done Faster

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Anwer Khan
Anwer Khan
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Did you ever wish there was more time in a day so that you could finish your work in time? You are not alone. We are in Majority.

Thanks to technology, if you are someone who uses a Computer for work, I’ve got few tips to share for you to get work done faster.

1. Use a To-Do List App. There are plenty of them, I use Any.Do, Google Keep, Evernote & Trello for various kind of work.

2. Use CTRL +F to Search Something in a long Document. You might say silly, it’s obvious to use it, but then why don’t you use it more often?

3. Use Google Chrome. It’s the fastest of all Browsers, and as it is from Google, all your Google is synched across devices, including login credentials, bookmarks, and even app data. Become super productive with Google Chrome

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4. Use Google Now more Often. A perfect personal assistant, use it more often to set reminders, Just say Okay Google, and then your query. I use it for waking me up after a nap or alerting me to turn off the stove or moto after 15 minutes. Find more Google Chrome tricks.

5. Use Keyboard Shortcuts. There are more keyboard shortcuts than CTRL+C and CTRL+V. Different apps have different shortcuts, but mostly they are similar. Learn it, use it.

6. Use Pushbullet to get your mobile notifications on PC. It’s a magical app which has saved me tons of time. Its a must have app for anyone who has a habit of leaving their phone in the other room while working on PC, or stays on the PC more than mobile. Learn more about Pushbullet.

7. Use Gmail Offline (Link). It lets you do stuff inside Gmail even when you are not connected to the Internet. Imagine you find yourself in a situation where you need to look at something in your Gmail and there is no Internet. Yes, it happened to me once. I thank Google Offline from the bottom of my heart. Find more amazing Google Chrome Apps.

8. Transfer files between PC and Android Faster Wirelessly. There is AirDroid, then there is ShareIt. You don’t have to carry a data cable anymore. Control your phone from PC.

9. Use Bluetooth headsets to Enjoy Your Music on Mobile & Laptop. I am talking about BT Headsets similar to this one. Connect them Wirelessly and enjoy your music rather than spending time untangling the earphones. And yes, you won’t have to get up to read your phone to answer that call.

10. Use Grammarly to find Grammatical errors and typos faster. It’s a tiny Google Chrome app that stay with you as your private English teacher wherever you have to type words, be it a Facebook post, a Tweet, a comment, email or long articles. It saves a lot of time in proofreading.


11. Use Pomodoro Apps to work. It’s an awesome technique to put your focus on a task for 25 minutes then take a 5 before starting another Pomodoro (of 25 minutes). Then you take a longer (20-30-minute) break after 4 Pomodoro. More about Pomodoro on Lifehacker

12. Use Dropbox or Google Drive for storing important files in the Cloud. You can always have an access to your important files when they are in the cloud. If you use MS Office Suite, save files in Dropbox. I use Google Docs (which is a part of Google Drive). Everything I’ll every need is in the cloud. Do it for your files.

13. Use your Camera phone to Scan Recipes & Documents. You can use Evernote to save them, it does a pretty nice job at scanning documents. I’ve got all my important receipts, bill, IDs in Evernote (locked inside a password obviously). Check more about Evernote.

14. Grab text from Pictures using Google Keep. Just take a picture of the document and Google Keep gives you an option to extract the text from the picture using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Check out more about Google Keep.


15. Use Google to find how to spell a word correctly. Type few words, which you think makes sense in describing what you are looking for, Google will ask Did you mean ‘xxx’. Most of the time, that will be your answer. Find more Google Search tips

16 Save long articles in Pocket App for reading later, on your Mobile/tablet. You don’t wanna waste your work energy in an article about Cats, but you don’t wanna pass it either. Solution? the Pocket App.

17. Use your camera phone for remembering what things to pick when you are in a shopping store the next time. Use it to click picture what’s in your fridge, it helps you remember, you can use the Meta data of an image to find when and where the photo was clicked. More smart usage of camera phones.

18. Never forget to pick flowers for wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend when are near a flower shop. With Location alarms, it is possible to set a location and get notified when you are around it. Google Keeps lets to set location alarms pretty easily. Check out more about Google Keep.

19. If Google is not giving you answer, try YouTube and learn from a video instead. It’s used by over a billion people, thousands of hours worth of content is being uploaded every minute. It probably has the answer to your query as well.

20. Use Inbox by Google if you get tons of them. It’s an amazing tool if you are struggling to achieve Inbox Zero (a state where you’ve addressed every email sent to you). It categorizes the emails and shows you emails in like, Today, yesterday, This month. It becomes psychologically easy to tackle emails this way.I am loving it. Check out our review.


21. Use Noisli while working on your project when there is too much noise around you. It offers a variety of background noises that can actually boost your productivity, like a waterfall, a noise table fan, sound of fire, running trains, or the environment of a cafe. I use it when I’ve got kids around and they make a lot of noise. Check out Noisli

22. Use Time Tracking apps to find out where does your time go. Rescue Time and Desk Time are two tools you can use to sort thing out by finding and limiting the things your are wasting your time on.

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