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The Bluetooth headsets have gained popularity for the last few years, but ever since Apple launched Earpods, the market is filled with a new kind of Bluetooth headsets and that’s earbuds.

These are actually the Bluetooth headsets but are so tiny that they fit into the ears only. The EarPods from Apple cost a bomb, thankfully we have a lot of Bluetooth Earbuds coming out of China, and they’re quite affordable as well.

But since the market is flooded with similar looking Bluetooth earbuds it is difficult to pick the one which is actually good and value for the money.

I was recently looking to buy Bluetooth earbuds and took time to do my research, and I thought I would share the outcome of my research with all you guys, so that you can benefit from it and save a few hours of your life by using my research to find the best Bluetooth earbuds under Rs 1000.

Please note that this list is specifically for Indian readers, and the links to the products are from Indian e-commerce websites, I will try to write another one for our international audience you will find the link somewhere here if it happens.

Portronics POR 683 Harmonics Talky

The first Bluetooth earbud that makes it to the list is from Portronics.

It weighs just for 4.9 grams and has got a 45mAh of battery that can last for up to 3 hours. It takes around 1 hour to charge it completely wire micro USB.

This Bluetooth earbud has a built-in mic with noise cancellation Technology for clear audio.

The Bluetooth version is 4.0, which makes it pretty efficient, and it can last for around 100 hours which is roughly 5 days.

The price is Rs 1000/-

QCY Q26 Smart Ultra-Small Bluetooth Earbuds

The Other Bluetooth earbud that is found of better quality is QCY Q26.

Its design is quite similar to the Portronics Bluetooth earbud, but the Bluetooth technology is slightly upgraded since it uses Bluetooth 4.1.

This one can also last for around 3 hours and can give a standby time of around 70 hours. There is a built-in Mic with noise cancellation Technology.

And is priced at Rs 899/-

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Juarez Acoustics JZ200 Mini In-ear Bluetooth Headset

Another interesting Bluetooth earbud that is from Juarez. This Bluetooth Earbud is also Bluetooth version 4.1.

The 45mAh that we can give around 3 hours of continuous talk time or music time, can be charged in around half of that time and can give around 80 hours of standby time.

This one also has got a built-in microphone with noise cancellation Technology.

And it is probably the cheapest Bluetooth earbud available at Rs 750.

Yes, there are too many of them below that price but most of them are simply a replica of Apple’s Earpod, which we do not want.

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X11 Mini Bluetooth Wireless

This Bluetooth earbud is available on eBay and is probably imported from China, but who cares, mostly all of these products are imported from China.

Anyway, this one seems to be quite different from all of the other Bluetooth earbuds mentioned above.

It comes with its own magnetic charging pod, which can be connected to either a charing wall adapter or the USB slot of your Laptop.

It has got 40mAh of battery, and the listing page claims of it having around 6 hours of talk time, and 180 hours of standby time.

This Bluetooth earbud has got Bluetooth version 4.1 technology, and the charging pod is kind of cute.

The price is Rs 900

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So, these were three of the best picks for Bluetooth earbuds under Rs 1000, I’ll add for more if I come across any other. But if you go beyond Rs 1000 you will find a couple more.

Such as, this Bluetooth EarBud from Portronics, which a Charging Pod, making it easy for charging it on the go 3 to 4 times.

Then there are a couple of other options as well, probably I’ll do another round of best Bluetooth earbuds under Rs 2000.

Please note: these Bluetooth earbuds are single Bluetooth earbuds, you don’t get a pair, maybe you should take a look at this list of Bluetooth earphones under budget you feel looking for stereo experience for music playing.

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