Best Facebook App Alternatives for Phones with Less Storage and Battery

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I had previously shared a very nice Facebook app alternative for improving battery life and overall performance of your smartphone.

While you can surely try the Fella for Facebook app, it’s a paid one, and there are quite a few free alternatives to the Facebook app as well.

So, in this post, I am going to list out some of the best lightweight apps you can use for browsing Facebook instead of the official Facebook App.


Just like the Fella for Facebook, the Metal app is a tiny little app just under 3MB that offers so many things like Ability to Customize the colour, look and feel of the app.

There is a full-screen mode, there is a dark theme as well, you get notifications as you get in the official Facebook app.

You can also sort the content of your timeline by sorting them as most recent and also blocking posts using keywords filter.

The newer version now supports Twitter also, meaning you can use two of your favourite Social Networks in a single app that will take not more

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This app bundles up Facebook and Messenger into a single app. This app adds more features over the top of existing features offered by the official Facebook app.

Rich of features such as

• Custom video player with download option!
• Custom photo viewer to view Facebook photos in an extended way with the ability to download or simply share them without downloading them!
• Commenting on a photo simplified. Just click or swipe bottom bar in photo viewer to show them!
• Long press pictures to download them on-the-go without even opening them
• GIF support and GIF sharing without downloading them
• Chat heads just like Messenger which let you chat from any screen even outside the app
• Facebook notifications and messages notifications
• Ability to set a timer to loop for notifications checks
• Smooth and mobile data efficient
• The dark theme all over the app
• Phoenix lock to protect your privacy
• AdBlock to hide Facebook’s “Sponsored Posts” from all over your feed
• Fast at opening pages

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Folio 2

The Folio 2 is one of the first unofficial apps for Facebook and it calls itself the Original Facebook Alternative, perhaps because it was one of the first to be released.

This app too offers features that are not a part of Facebook’s official app, you can download videos and photos to your phone, sort the timeline by Most recent

There is a night mode in the app, and you can also add other themes as well.

Install from Play Store


This alternative app for Facebook has got over 10 Million downloads in the Play Store and is perhaps a complete Facebook and FB Messenger alternative.

You can find features like Sorting the Timeline as most recent and blocking particular keywords to complete remove mentions of it from the timeline in the Friendly app.

The app also supports Multiple Facebook accounts, Set Passcodes and Fingerprint locks, Download Videos and Photos, Change themes etc.

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Facebook Lite

Apart from the third party apps for browsing Facebook, you can also give Facebook lite a try. It’s the official app for Facebook for features phones with less storage.

Though you won’t be gettings features like Multiple account support, Download videos to your phone or sort the timeline as Most recent, you can have a peace of mind that you are using the Official app for Facebook.

And it would still solve your battery and storage issues on your phone, which, I think would be your main concern to try an alternative app for Facebook.

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