3 Best File and Folder Lock Apps Available for Windows 10

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Every one of us has some data that we would like to keep safe from the eyes of other people.

It might not be difficult if you own a personal computer that no one touches and it is password protected, but still, there are times even your personal computer is shared by someone, even if it is for just a few minutes.

So, all you want is a piece of mind and for the peace of mind, you can use some Files and Folder locker apps to keep your stuff away from the eyes of a curious freak.

In this article, let me list out some best file and folder locker tools available for Windows 10.

Secret Folder

It is actually a vault app for Windows 10 which provides a secret folder which is protected by a password. And since it is a folder you can put all your files be it of any kind, and password-protect it.

The user interface of the secret folder is nice and clean and it’s free to use. So, obviously, you do not get any advanced feature in the secret folder App it still gets the job done.

If you were wondering what if someone uninstalls the secret folder App on the computer? Then don’t worry it comes with a feature called protected uninstall which restricts the app uninstall.

Download Secret Folder


Lock a folder is another simple yet effective tool available for Windows 10 which helps you keep your files saved in a password protected environment.

You can set a master password to lock your essential files and as soon as you like them the folder is hidden.

This app is free to use. But you should be aware that the developers have stopped updating the project, so you might not get any more updates. But for Windows 10 user it should be fine.

Download LocK-A-FoLdeR

Folder Lock

Folder Lock is probably one of the best apps you can get for Windows 10 to secure your files and folders.

It has a great feature which takes real-time backup of all your encrypted files and stores it in the cloud, meaning, it can always be retrieved from a cloud server.

And because of this feature, it is a premium folder lock app available for Windows 10. The good thing is that the app offers 30-day free trial so that you can test the service before actually buying it.

Get Folder Lock

So, these three are some of the best folder lock app available for Windows 10, you can choose either of them to keep your stuff hidden from other curious eyes.

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