6 Best Free Alternatives to Flickr with Unlimited Storage

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Flickr is a popular online photo management and sharing platform which has been there for over a decade. It was earlier acquired by Yahoo and is now owned by SmugMug since April 2018.

Yahoo owned it for several years and in an attempt to revamp its image, it started offering 1TB of free storage to every user on Flickr. When things started getting out of hands, Yahoo sold it to SmugMug, which is now ending the 1TB free storage in favour of 1,000 photos limit

Starting from January 2019, free users will only be able to upload over 1000 photos and if they want to get more space on the platform, they would need to upgrade to the pro version.

Users will have to migrate to some other service and backup all their photos before the 5th of February 2019 the time when Flickr starts deleting photos from oldest to newest until it reaches 1000 photos.

In this article, we are going to mention six of the best options you have right now to switch from Flickr.

Before we start mentioning them, here is a useful third party app called bulk Flickr Photos Downloader which will let you download your photos.


Imgur is a popular image hosting website where you can find different kinds of photos. It is also popular than Flickr, although it might not be popular for creative photos, but rather for MEMEs and GIFs. It is still a worthy alternative to Flickr since it offers unlimited photo upload which you can keep private to yourself or you can share to the community.

Although it does not have albums, you can use its post features to add as many photos in a post and to keep your photo library organised.

Google Photos

Google Photos is also a worthy alternative to Flickr photos, it offers unlimited storage which is virtually more than 1 TB space. Although, for getting the unlimited feature, the photos will be limited to 16 MPl resolution limit and the videos will be full HD.

But, it will be quite sufficient for a lot of people to have unlimited Storage for photos and videos if they belong to the criteria.

There are many other benefits of using Google Photos as your cloud-based photos collection. You can read here


Shutterfly is also one of the photo management platform out there where you can create photo books, personalised Cards, share photos, and more.

Just like Flickr, you can upload an organise photos in albums, and you get to upload an unlimited number of photos.

Shutterfly let you add photos in a batch or you can also upload an entire folder at once.

Of many of its features, it allows you to personalize the user interface by changing the grid size and sort photos by upload date.


Just like Flickr, 500px is also an online photography network where people want to share their creative work from all around the world.

If you want to share your photo collection to the world then 500px is the best place to publicly Sshar photo collection online.

500px allows you to upload photos in its original resolution, something the photographers find appealing.

Although 500px.com does not offer the feature of organising photos in albums, the photos are arranged by upload date in chronological order and can be searched and viewed by anyone on 500px.


This might not come to your mind initially, but if you think of using it as a platform to have an online library of your photos, then it’s the perfect place. You have the option to keep your photos Private or make it Public to the world.

Facebook allows you to create albums to organise your photos and videos as per your liking. You can add as much as 1000 photos to a single album. Moreover, you can add contributors to each album, so that all other people can also upload photos to it.

And if you want to share your photos to the world it is the best place to do so since it is used by over 1.5 billion people from all over the world.


Flickr Enthusiasts might find Instagram as a devil who was the reason Flickr couldn’t pick up momentum in the first place.

But, the Instagram app has improved over the years and now offers many features that might appeal to regular Flickr users who just want to showcase their work online and wants to show it to the world.

Instagram is the best place to do so since it is a photo-centric social media platform which has been gaining popularity and is the fastest growing social media platform out there.

These are 6 of the best photo sharing websites you can use in place of liquor how to get unlimited Storage for your photos and different needs.

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