How to Disable / Enable the Facebook App Manager on Xiaomi Smartphones

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The Android smartphone has become smarter over the years, especially when it comes to updating the apps automatically. We have the option to turn automatic updates off from the Play Store settings.

But, Facebook has its own system in its place when it comes to updating its apps, especially in Xiaomi smartphones.

Even if you disable automatic updates in the Play Store settings, the Facebook apps such as the Messenger App, the Instagram app, and the Facebook Page Manager app etc will still get updated no matter what.

These apps get updated via the Facebook app manager, which is an app that comes pre-installed in a lot of Android smartphones.

So, in order to stop the the The Automatic updates of Facebook ads you will have to disable the Facebook app manager app.

How to disable the Facebook app manager.

You can go to the settings of your Android smartphone, and find the option of ‘Installed Apps’.

Once you are there, tap on the vertical three dots on the top right-hand side, find ‘unhide all apps’ something similar to it to get the list of all the apps on your Android.

You can then search for Facebook app manager, once it’s visible tap on it and you might have to uninstall updates before you get the option to disable it.

Once you have uninstalled the updates for the Facebook app manager you will get the disable button which you can tap and disable the app.

What is the Facebook app manager is disabled the Facebook Apps will no longer be updated automatically.

And I think you should turn it off if you are using a limited Internet connection at home or using mobile data. Even though Facebook app manager only updates the apps automatically via Wi-Fi, sometimes update just bring minor bug fixes and that too is for some other smartphones or some other Android versions which you may not require at the moment.

And I think it is simply just a waste of bandwidth, you can still selectively update apps that you find worth updating from the Play Store.

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