6 Most Common Issues with OnePlus 6 and Their Possible Fixes

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If you own a OnePlus 6, you are going to find this article useful to fix the issues you are facing on your Smartphone, and if you are planning to buy one, then this will be helpful to decide whether you should go for it or not by looking at the common problems users are facing on their smartphones.

OnePlus smartphones have always been in a niche that is liked by Android enthusiasts who are looking for the best specifications on Android smartphone at a very competitive price.

That’s what OnePlus has been offing and their latest offering is the OnePlus 6 (it’s not their latest offering anymore since OnePlus 6T has launched).

Like other Android Smartphones, OnePlus 6 to have got some common issues with it that we are going to mention in this article.

We will also be looking for their possible fixes, so, if anyone is facing certain problems he can find the solution to it as well.

The OnePlus 6 Wi-Fi problem

Like other smartphones that are released, have complaints about Wi-Fi, same goes on the OnePlus 6, where users are facing issues like poor connectivity, drops in signal, 5 GHz not working right.

These are the common problems users has been experiencing in OnePlus 6 when it comes to Wi-Fi.

If you too are facing this problem, you can simply try restarting your smartphone, or simply enabling the Airplane mode then disabling it.

Another thing that you can do is, long press on the Wi-Fi icon and try to forget the network that you are connected to, and then connect to it again by entering the security password.

The issues could also be with your Wi-Fi network so it is recommended that you also turn off your Wi-Fi Router and then connected to it again.

The issue may also happen because of a certain case that you are using with your OnePlus 6, you can try removing it and then and use your smartphone without the case if the problem persists.

If nothing works out just wait for an update from OnePlus itself which would surely be fixing the Wi-Fi stability issues.

The OnePlus 6 Bluetooth problems

It’s not just the Wi-Fi that is creating issues on OnePlus 6 some users have also been reporting issues with the Bluetooth of the smartphone which gives them a hard time to pair it with their Car audio or Bluetooth speakers.

The most common problem with Bluetooth is the connection with Cars, which many people have complaints about.

If you too are facing this problem, you can try fixing it by turning off HD Calling in Settings as few users have claimed that turning off HD Calling has fixed the problem.

Another thing that you can do is reboot your smartphone to see if it fixes the issue. ,

Please note that of all those years, Bluetooth is still not the best technology when it comes to connecting gadgets wirelessly, so it will always be a little tricky to use Bluetooth in such cases. You can try and unpair then pair it again.

The OnePlus 6 Face Unlock problems

The smartphones these days are equipped with the Face Unlock technology, it is not perfect, same goes for the OnePlus 6 which uses camera-based Face unlock.

Several OnePlus 6 users have reported that they are having issues with the consistency of the Face Unlock. There are times when they have to try it several times before the face unlock good work.

If this happens to you also, you can try deleting your registered face and then try adding it again.

Make sure the Room is properly lit when you are registering your face in OnePlus 6 and your face is clearly visible, and the smartphone camera should be at a distance which would be the distance of smartphone from your face when you will be trying to unlock your device.

Having said that, Face Unlock technology is not that accurate in OnePlus 6 or other smartphones that use the front camera to recognise the face. So, you should rely on the fingerprint sensor more than the ace Unlock if you are using OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 Audio Problems

Issues with Audio in OnePlus 6 is another common complaint users have been making in several community forums.

They are facing problems with the Ringtones or the sound while watching videos.

There could be various reasons for this to happen, maybe they have got a faulty OnePlus 6 unit, which has some hardware problem.

If you are facing a similar problem, or inconsistency in audio while watching videos, maybe you should try restarting your smartphone since restarting fixes most of the issues that happen with the software temporarily.

OnePlus 6 Battery Problems

The Battery is one of the most crucial parts of a smartphone. Sadly, OnePlus 6 users have been facing some problems with their smartphone’s battery, which has this thread on the official forum with full details, help and advice.

OnePlus 6 is a 6.3-inch smartphone which has got 3300mAh battery, you can expect an average battery life

If you are facing issues with your smartphone’s battery life, where you are not getting the standby you used to get, you can easily fix this issue by finding out the culprit which is creating the issue. There are some notorious apps that can drain the battery much faster..

Mostly, all the Android smartphones have got a setting which shows critical issues with the battery and you can try finding it in your OnePlus 6 device by going to the Settings and then go to the battery section where you will find any issues.

There could be many more problems with OnePlus 6, if it is not listed above, you can use the comment section below to highlight it so that other members of the community can you find it helpful.

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