How to block websites on Chrome for iOS

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Chrome for iOS is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to Safari Browser on iPhone and iPad

It works best if you use Google Chrome on your desktop and are tied to Google services such as the Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs and its office suite etc.

Its availability on multiple platforms makes it the best choice to use on mobile devices.

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can block specific websites when you are using Chrome for iOS.

How to block specific URL in Chrome for iOS.

There could be a number of reasons you would want to block a website, maybe it’s an annoying website that you do not want to access or maybe it’s too addictive that you want to stop yourself from frequently visiting, whatever your reason would be, you can choose to block it.

☞ Open the settings app on your iPhone

☞ Tap on screen time and then tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions. If you have set a restriction passcode, you need to insert in order to proceed further.

☞ Tap on the option which says content restrictions. If you not able to see the option you can turn on the switch next to Content & Privacy restrictions to get it.

☞ Tap on the option which says web Content, and then tap on ‘Limit Adult Websites’.

☞ You can then add websites under never allow. You just need to type the URL of the website that you want to restrict opening in Chrome for iOS.

You can try opening the particular website in Google Chrome for iOS to verify whether this restriction works or not.

So this is how you can restrict access to certain websites in Chrome for iOS. The new feature of Screen Time in iOS 12 gives you more control rather than just limiting websites you can check usage patterns also so that you can keep it in check.

There are certainly other things that you can achieve with the Screen Time feature. To make an iPhone more kid-friendly if you have to.

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