How to Connect External Speakers to Amazon Fire TV Stick

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If you are watching your favourite TV shows and movies on a bigger screen with the help of Amazon Fire TV stick, and you are still using the sound coming out of your TV, then you are not having the true theatre experience.

To get the theatre experience, you can connect external speakers do Amazon fire TV stick via Bluetooth. And have a truly immersive movie watching experience.

Even if you do not have Bluetooth enabled speakers, you can use an inexpensive Bluetooth Dongle to turn any speaker into a Bluetooth one.

How to convert External Speakers to Amazon Fire TV Stick

Once you have got Bluetooth speakers ready, Switch on Amazon FirevTV stick, and navigate to the Settings using the Bluetooth remote or the Remote app on your smartphone.

Once you are in the Setting area, navigate to the  Controllers & Bluetooth devices.

There you will find the option for Game Controllers & Other Bluetooth device.

Go to Other Bluetooth Devices and select add a new device and keep your Bluetooth speakers turned on, the Amazon fire TV stick would recognise the Bluetooth speakers in no time and all you have to do is select them.

The Bluetooth speakers will be added. And from now on, whenever you turn on your Bluetooth speakers, they will get connected to the Amazon Fire TV stick automatically.

Apart from adding Bluetooth speakers, you can also add Bluetooth earphones or headphones as well, which is quite helpful in watching videos without disturbing other people.

I have been using this setup from last few days and it works extremely well, I did not find any kind of like in the sound coming out from the Bluetooth speakers, I have placed them near my bed so that the audio of movies are clear, even at low volume.

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