Newly Added Features in WhatsApp: Swipe to Reply, Picture in Picture Video Calls & Messages

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WhatsApp is on a roll to add new and exciting features to its messaging app.

And a few more interesting features have been added to the messaging app since we wrote about them, so here is another one that talks about newly added features in WhatsApp.

Swipe to reply

It has recently added a feature called swipe to reply.

You may be aware that you can reply to a specific message by long pressing on a particular message, then selecting the reply icon on the top left-hand side.

Now, if you want to reply to a message, simply swipe it to the left, and the message will automatically be tagged for you to reply.

It is quite a handy feature to use, especially in groups, where a lot of conversation is happening, so taking a particular message keeps your replies in context and you can avoid confusion.

The Picture in Picture (PiP) Video Calling

Earlier, when you were doing a video call on WhatsApp, and you had to do anything else on your smartphone, such as check someone’s message, or go to the home screen of your mobile phone, the video would stop showing.

But now, it goes in the PiP mode, which is, the video call the continuous while you are doing some other thing on your mobile phone.

A new window is opened over the top of your screen, which can be dragged anywhere on the screen.

The Picture in Picture for Video Messages

This is the latest feature which has been added to WhatsApp, like the video chat, when you play videos, you can now go back to the messages or check out someone else’s message while the video plays in a new window over the top of your mobile phone screen.

Currently, only the native videos that are sent on WhatsApp support this feature, but in future, even the videos from YouTube link, and links from some other major streaming websites will also open in the picture in picture mode.

How to get these features?

Even though these features will slowly be rolled out to everyone who is using WhatsApp, it is currently being rolled out to the beta users for Android.

If you are not a beta user, you can go to the Play Store, find the WhatsApp listing, scroll down to find the option to join the beta program.

If the beta program is not available for you, you can still get these features by downloading and installing the latest APK for the WhatsApp.

Check out how you can get the latest version APK to get the latest features in WhatsApp.

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