How to Change Wi-Fi on Fire TV Stick Without the Remote

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Suppose the remote of your Fire TV Stick is not working for some reason. Maybe you have lost it, and maybe it’s stopped working.

If it stopped working, I suggest you check out this article where I have mentioned some possible reasons and their fixes.

If you cannot fix it, you can use your mobile as a remote for your Fire TV Stick by installing the remote app from the Play Store or the App Store for Android, or iPhone, respectively.

If you are using your Fire TV Stick in the same setting, such as connected to your home network and plugged into your TV like earlier, you will have no difficulty using the remote app on your mobile phone to control the Fire TV Stick.

If you want to change the Wi-Fi on your Fire TV Stick

You will face an issue if you change places and connect it to different wifi. Because then it is going to be a little tricky. So here is a simple solution, to change the wifi password on Fire TV Stick without the remote.

Enable the wifi hotspot on your mobile phone, and rename the wifi network as your home wifi network with the same password. This is crucial. 

This will trick the Fire TV Stick into thinking it is connecting to your home network, but in reality, it will connect to your mobile phone hotspot.

Now you will require another mobile phone, because the mobile phone where the hotspot is enabled won’t be able to connect to its own hotspot.

Install the Fire TV Stick app on the second mobile device, which is also connected to your mobile phone’s hotspot. This is also crucial. 

This way, it will be able to recognize the Fire TV Stick connected to the hotspot, and you will be able to control it using the app.

Once you are connected and can control the Fire TV Stick using the remote app, you can go to the settings area and connect to the wifi network available in the list of wireless networks available.

Connect the Fire Tv Remote App to the Same Wi-Fi Network

Once you do that, you will again have to connect the remote app to network the Fire TV Stick is connected to. But this time, you will also be able to use your first mobile phone since it is now not connected to the hotspot of your mobile phone.

Is there any Alternative Method?

Other methods available on the internet mention you can control the Fire TV Stick even when its remote has stopped working. But most of the methods mentioned require purchasing a third-party remote, but there is no guarantee it will work. This means you can potentially waste your money.

So I wouldn’t recommend you purchase any third-party remote for the Fire TV Stick. I don’t even recommend purchasing any additional remote for your Fire TV Stick.

Instead, check on Amazon if there is a next-generation Fire TV Stick available, and then go for it.

For example, my Fire TV Stick was the second generation, which only supported full HD, and the difference in price between the next generation 4K Fire TV Stick and the second remote for my current generation Fire TV Stick was only $20. So, sometimes you need to keep things in consideration as well.

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