How to Mass Delete Tweets from Your Twitter Account All at Once

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Are you looking for a way to delete your older tweets? There so much that you do not want to do them manually; you can save time by using automated tools that will let you delete thousands of tweets in a couple of seconds.

I found myself in a similar situation a couple of days ago and researched finding some useful tools that can help me delete around 10,000 I had on my Twitter account.

Sharing them in this article so that other people searching for it might find it useful


Of all the web apps I tried to delete old tweets, Twitwipe was the one that offered the maximum number of tweets to delete

While I was using another tool to delete the tweets, it showed me that it could remove all of the 7000 tweets that I had on my account. The above screenshot is from when 1000 tweets were already deleted from another tool.

The only downside is it does not give you many other options. If you are looking to filter out some sweets that you do not want to delete, there is no option for that.

You might want to use other tools if you want more control over what you want to delete.

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This web app allows you to delete tweets from a certain time, such as, delete the tweets that are older than one month or two month three month.

Hey Google stop mummy system

TweetDelete deletes up to 3200 tweets in a free account; for more, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee ($9.99).

For a lot of people, given the free limit of lead in 3200 posts aquatic life. But if you want to delete more, you can use a combination of these services to get more than, for free.

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This is pretty basic but allows you to delete around the same number of threads, the TweetDelete website does.

It shows 50 tweets at a time on a single page. You can scroll down to the bottom to select all the tweets visible on the page and then delete them.

This means that you have to manually go to the next page to view other 50 sweets to delete them, deleting 2003 like that would take 20-page refreshes.

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Tweet Eraser

In the free version, this website also lets you delete around 3000 Tweets, which means using the combination of three websites you can delete around 10000 Tweets.

The good thing about with eraser website is that it gives you more to control over which we want to delete such as you can search for a particular term that exists in a tweet.

Filtering out please like this can be helpful who want to delete specific tweets from the Twitter timeline.

The website shows ten tweets at a time, you can select the option to view 100 tweets it’s a single page, but you can delete all 3000 tweets by selecting all option on top.

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Most of the websites mentioned in the article are pretty simple to manage, and offer other services, apart from deleting the tweets.

Such as, the option to filter tweets if you want to delete specific words or if you want to wipe favourites all likes from your account you can do that as well.

The premium subscription will allow YouTube delete more tweets and give you an ad-free website, but I believe removing to it is something you don’t frequently do so there is no point in getting a monthly subscription.

The best would be to use a combination of these tools to get your job done.

If you are a Twitter user we have a vast resource full guide for using Twitter in the best possible way, you can check it out.

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