How to Download Instagram Stories with Music

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If you are one of those billion people who use Instagram daily, here is a tip. You can use Instagram to add music to your short videos.

I get a lot of requests from people asking me how they can add music to a short video or photo so that they can post it on their Whatsapp. Although Instagram and Whatsapp are from the same company, but for some reason, Facebook has not introduced music to Whatsapp status.

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Last year, Instagram introduced a feature to add music to stories. It is used by millions of people daily. It is the easiest way to add music to a video aur even a photo. The tricky part is that when you save that story back on your phone, it gets saved without the music, which prevents users from using Instagram as a tool to add music to their short videos.

But here is a workaround,

There are third-party tools like Instagram download story, which let you download your story and anyone else’s story posted on Instagram, and that too with the music.

So, this tool is also great if you want to download someone else’s story and want to save them because stories get vanish after 24 hours on Instagram.

How to download stories from Instagram.

First, you need to get the link to the story you want to download.

If it’s your own story, you can tap on ‘More’ on the bottom right-hand side, which will give you more options. One of them would be ‘Copy Link.’

If you are trying to download someone else’s story, you can find the link by tapping on three dots on the top right-hand side, which will open more options. One of them would be ‘Copy Link.’

Once you have copied the link to the story, you want to download it. Open, instagram download story tool in your browser. Paste the copied link into the text field and tap on download.

The tool will load the story from the link, and will give you the option to download it. Once you tap on download, the story will be downloaded.

If you are doing this on iPhone, you can open the downloaded file and select ‘Save to Files,’ then choose the location where you want to save it. You can access the video using the Files app.

So, this is how you can download any story on Instagram with music and then share it with others on different platforms. You can check out more interesting Instagram tips and tricks on the site.

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