The Drone Weaponry Video is an Art of Fiction at least for now

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Anwer Khan
Anwer Khan
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There is a video about the Drone weapon technology that has been floating on instant messaging apps for the last few days.

The 7-minute 41-second long video is showing how small drones can be used as Lethal Weapons in killing bad people precisely without any casualties.

Video showing the owner or the CEO of the company demonstrating the technology to an audience in an Apple-like event, talking about how small drones have the ability to kill half how the city the bad half.

The little killing drones termed ‘Slaughterbots’, do not require any interference from a human as they are all AI-based. And just require profiling of the target such as age, sex, and ethnicity.

People are forwarding this video to instant messaging apps assuming that this technology already exists and it’s an actual demo. Which is not the case.

The video is uploaded on YouTube in 2017 originally shared by a channel named Stop Autonomous Weapons. Surprisingly, it has only this video uploaded to its channel.

It has been reshared by many other YouTube channels including the YouTubne Channel Future of Life Institute. The same YouTube Channel has uploaded a sequel to this video named Slaughterbots – if human: kill().

But the reality is,

The scene is part of a short film that was released a couple of months ago. At that time the fictional video got coverage from several media sites, which also raised this concern of what good or bad will the technology work in the future. More about it can be read on Wikipedia.

The Wikipedia page calls it a dramatic video that has been made in Black Mirror style (A Netflix show that features how dark the tech and internet space can be for people).

As much as it is mind-blowing to watch the fictional video, it is scary at the same time, it shows us the future that is not so distant, what makes it scary is what happens if this technology gets into the wrong hands because if it has the capacity to kill the bad people just by profiling, it can also very well kill good people by profiling.

Looking at how fast Drone Technology has evolved in the last few years and AI is already capable of doing mind-blowing things, Drone weaponry Technology does not look far. Question is, when is it going to happen? Tomorrow, next week, next month or next year?

Sounds scary right? Well, relax, this future is too far, and might not even happen.

Videos like these go viral every few months. It’s like the Roboto killed 29 humans video, which was just a bogus claim that was taken down by sites that initially reported them.

Or the video of robots training with humans, which was just video editing magic.

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