What are the differences between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X?, and which one should you buy?

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Apple has been launching the new versions of their iPhone every year, but for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple did something different by bringing two different versions.

Actually, 3 if we count the bigger (iPhone 8 Plus) and the smaller version (iPhone 8) as different phones.

Apple launched iPhone X, the reason for naming it iPhone X is because it was the 10th anniversary on the iPhone, the original iPhone was launched in 2007 and was unveiled by Steve Jobs himself.

And because it was the 10th year anniversary, Apple wanted to do something special, hence it went with their usual launch pattern, they also launched a phone with innovative Technologies and a totally new design.

The new iPhone 10 brought an all front screen, nearly bezel-less with a small notch on the top to house the front camera, and the sensors along with the hardware for their proprietary Face Recognition Technology.

So the question we are trying to address in this post is what’s the difference between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X and which iPhone you should pick?

Now, obviously, when it comes to pricing there is a huge difference of $300 between these two phones.

This perhaps is not the only difference which is HUGE, the iPhone X comes with completely different style, where the iPhone 8 is more like the iPhone 7S, which means that Apple has worked on the inner parts of the iPhone 7 and brought it as iPhone 8, which is what Apple has been doing since the original iPhone was launched in 2007.

Does Looks Matter to you?

If you talk about looks the iPhone X is stunning with the all front screen. Apple decided to remove the Home button that has been there for last 10 years.

It is a fact that Apple does not shy away from making changes, like the removal of headphone jack 2 years ago, this time it removed Fingerprint sensor because the home button was removed, and an on-screen home button was introduced.

In place of fingerprint sensor Apple Incorporated a new kind of Technology into their phones, which is face recognition, Apple uses hardware sensors to recognize a person’s face to unlock their iPhones.

Coming back to the main question do you care about the look of iPhone X? If you do then you should go ahead and buy it.

But if you want a fingerprint sensor and not are comfortable using your face to unlock your phone every time then maybe iPhone 8 is the way to go.

Are you interested in new technologies

As I said in the post that Apple removed the fingerprint sensor because there is no place to put it (no home screen button) Apple certainly did not want to put the fingerprint sensor at the back, which is the case for almost all the Android phones that are going with an all-screen front.

The Apple’s Face recognition technology is said to be an amazing one which cannot be fooled by photographs of a person or identical looking people, mostly all the reviews on the Internet are positive about this.

Other than the face recognition Technology the iPhone x take the emoji game to the next level with their Animoji, it uses a simple face recognition tech to make emojis more expressible they get a bit of personalization and you are able to use it in my messages.

Considering iPhone is all about the ecosystem and a lot of people buy it just because of using these messages or similar exclusive, this gimmick Animoji thing might interest you a bit.

Apart from the new technologies mentioned above, the iPhone X also comes with a bit of learning curve since there are many gestures and swipes are involved in doing things that were done using the home button, but I suppose it won’t be an issue, as everyone can adapt to new things in a matter of days.

So which one should you really buy?

If you want to play it safe go with the iPhone 8, because it is an improved version of the previous Apple phone, while the iPhone X is experimental, and many feel it is a launch done in a hurry.

Moreover, the first generation products are always kind of experiments, and companies learn from the feedback they get from these experiments and then they come back with an improved version of it, and the iPhone X or whatever Apple decides to call it, the next version shall be better than this one as Apple say, their iPhone Yet.

So whichever smartphone you are planning to buy I’ll put the link to both the form below for more Technology related articles you can read techtippr.com

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