How to Expand Storage on Your Mobile

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Smartphones may have been coming with large storage variants these days but they still can easily fill up.

Sadly every Smartphone maker has adopted this strategy to remove the Storage expansion options in order to sell their larger storage variants.

Some companies like Xiaomi have been offering hybrid Dual SIM Slots, meaning you can either use two SIM or 1 SIM and 1 microSD.

This new kind of blackmailing from the Smartphone manufacturers actually works because most of us would like to use a second sim for the cheaper mobile data instead of the SD card.

So here are few options you can expand the storage on your smartphone without having to compromise on the limits set by smartphone makers to use Limited storage

Hybrid sim adaptor for dual sim phones

If you own a Xioami phone or any other phone that offers hybrid sim slots, the hybrid sim adaptor is an easy option to expand the storage on a smartphone without having to give up the second slot.

You can buy them from Amazon, they usually cost under $5, and there are several YouTube videos showing you how to use them. It provides an extension slot where you can put in your Micro SD, mostly all the smartphones support up to 128 GB of SD card.

You might have to use a case or a cover for your smartphone to hide the extension since it pops out of your smartphone sim slot.

Check out on Amazon US
Check out on Amazon India

Get a Dual flash drive

No this is not a great option to have, but it kind of works. The Dual flash drives can be connected to a smartphone using the micro USB slot (get the USB type C Dual flash drive, if your phone has a Type C slot).

These are small enough so that you can carry them with you in your wallet, you can throw up your heavy files into this flash drive and it will always be accessible.

Hybrid flash drives also work as the best option to move data from your smartphone to computer. And since the files stored on in the flash drive or independent of your smartphone we can be used/ accessed from any other phone as well.

These dual pesticides can we purchase from Amazon for as low as $10 for a 32GB Storage option.

Find it on Amazin US
Find it on Amazon India

Use Cloud Backup Options like Google Photos

This isn’t actually a way to expand the storage on your smartphone, but would still allow you to make space for more files or install more apps on the smartphone.

If you still not using the Google photos you should consider using it. Google Photos gives unlimited Storage for photos and videos.

For the majority of the people, the content type which fills up their smartphones is photos and videos taken from the smartphones.

If your smartphone is filled up with countless selfies, and food photographs, you can install Google photos, it will backup and sync all your photos to the cloud and you can use an option to clear some space on your smartphone, this way all the photos that have been backed up will be removed from your phone.

The average size of a photo captured on a smartphone device in 3 to 5 MB, so if you have got what 1000 photos, we are talking about clearing up as much as 5 GB of space on your smartphone.

Install from Play Store

Use Google File Go

Files Go is an app by Google which is specifically designed for clearing up space on your smartphone, it gives smart suggestions to clear up space on your smartphone by notifying you which apps you can remove if you haven’t used them in a while.

It also finds duplicated photos and documents so that you can clear them up.

Install from Play Store

I know it is frustrating to see your smartphone storage getting filled up and you struggling to make space for your next install, and there is actually Limited things you can do to get over it. I hope these solutions will help you in achieving what you’re looking for.

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