Facebook’s New Feature Wants You to Revisit Your Old Memories

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Facebook recently updated their app which now includes a feature that shows you posts you made on the same date in last few years. It even lets you share those with friends.

When you open Facebook on your smartphone to check-in to a place when hanging out with friends, or you just want to check out what your friends are up to,the last thing you want to see is an embarrassing post you made several years ago. As if the happy Facebook lives of your friends were not enough to hate your own.

A few times I tried this feature, it brought a few embarrassing posts I am not proud of sharing in the first place, let alone re-sharing it.


The feature is not new and Facebook has already been testing it on their Desktop site since last few years and now they have moved their experiments over to the movie where the majority of their active users are.

While there could be some people who would love this feature of sharing amazing life events from the past, I see it as a desperate attempt to increase more engagement inside the app.

Fortunately, there is a way to turn the notifications off so that you still can use the Facebook without worrying too much about the past.

It is not the only thing Facebook is implementing in their App, they recently made their other product, the Facebook Messenger, open to third party developers to do more things than sending big ugly Smileys to each other .

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