The Most Common Reasons Why Facebook App Crashes And How to Fix It

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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Is your Facebook app crashing on your Android mobile? here are a few possible reasons that might be making it happen.

Hopefully, this will give you some clue as to what’s going on so that you can try to fix it.

1. See if there’s an update available?

Software issues like app crashing are mostly encountered by a group of people having a similar situation, like using the same version of the app, the same mobile phone model, etc.

If that’s the case that developers have indeed already found a solution and question update, make sure you check the Play Store if there is an update available, update the app, and see if the issue remains there.

2. Tried Restarting Your Mobile?

As dumb it may sound but restarting your mobile Woods solves minor bleachers 80% of the time. And I can say this from personal experience, offering the exact solution to almost everyone who has an issue with their smartphones in their approach me.

So, I would suggest you do that too.

3. Low Internet Speed

Many of us have experienced the frustration of a slow internet connection and the time it takes for a page to load.

It’s frustrating and can be costly, as we may need to use more data. Slow internet connections are usually caused by one or more of three factors: low bandwidth, weak signal, or high latency.

4. Low Storage Space

Disk space is a finite resource, and it is running out. If you are using a mobile from a few years ago, there’s a chance it has less storage space. App size has increased over the years, and it’s easy to fill up your mobile storage.

Once you reach a point, you start experiencing performance issues. One of them is apps crashing that take huge resources on mobile.

The solution to this problem is to find ways that allow you to be productive without an internet connection (e.g., offline word processor).

5. Are You Using A Third-Party App

many third-party Facebook apps are promising you extra features over the native app, but the downside of these apps is that they have to keep their apps updating with every new update brought on the native have because a single thing can break Aakash there app.

If you use one such third-party app for Facebook browsing, this might be the issue. Try using the Facebook lite app, which is the official app from Facebook which takes less storage on your mobile.

If you love the third-party app you are using right now, try finding an updated version from the Play Store if you have downloaded it.

6. Did you update Your Android Mobile?

Android updates are quite Complex because Android is used by thousands of mobile phone manufacturers (OEMs). And these OEMs put a customized disc in over the top of the Android version.

So the app developers cannot test their apps on different Android mobile phones having other customizations. Sometimes a problem is with the developers or from OEMs, and the best way would be to wait for an update from either the OEM or the App Developer.

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