How to Factory Reset Windows 10 PC

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Windows 10 was launched in July 2015, and after almost more than half a decade, Microsoft is ready with their next version, the windows 11.

But while it is still some time for the new version of Windows to be released, Windows 10 users have got some nice improvements in the form of updates in the last six years.

The user base of Windows 10 is currently over a billion, which is quite a significant number.

Although Windows 10 has been the best operating system ever created by Microsoft, it still has got some issues its users face daily. 

One of the significant issues is the PC slowing down after several months of using it. Quick solution to it to restore factory reset Windows 10, which will solve the problem of slowing down.

To factory reset the Windows 10, click on start / Windows I can on the extreme bottom left of your screen.

When the menu appears, click on the settings (the gear icon), which will open a window giving you many options.

Click on update and security with have the option of Windows update, recovery, backup. Another list of options will appear, click on recovery, and then click on get started.

How to reset Windows 10 without losing data / How to reset Windows 10 PC that keeps all your files / How to reset Windows 10 without losing data

Once you have selected ‘Reset this PC,’ you will have two options.

Keep my files: keep all your files while removing installed apps and system settings.

Remove everything: which is like a fresh install of Windows 10 OS on your PC.

Once you have selected your option, click on Rest.

You will have to follow the instructions from here on, which might take a couple of minutes. Once the reset is complete, your computer will restart.

How to factory reset Windows 10 without login

If you are looking for a solution to reset Windows 10 without logging into your computer, you forgot the password.

You can factory reset Windows 10, but it will be a fresh install which means you will also lose all your files saved in the partition of your hard drive where the OS is installed. Usually, it is C: Drive.

On the login screen of Windows 10, you will find the power icon on the bottom right-hand side. The button will give you options like Sleep, Shut Down, Restart.

Press the Shift key on your keyboard and click on Restart. The computer will restart and will give you a few options to select.

Choose troubleshoot, which will give you two options.

  • Reset this PC
  • Advanced Options

When I click on reset this PC, you get to options again

  • Keep my files
  • Remove everything

At this point, if you choose to keep my files, you will have to remember the password to the administrator (mean user) of the computer.

But if you do not have it, you should select ‘Remove everything.’

Select remove everything, click on reset on the next step. And then select as per your choice.

  • Just remove my files
  • Fully clean the drive

Once you selected the options, click on reset and wait for Windows 10 to restart.

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