FAT32 vs exFAT vs NTFS: Difference Between Three File Systems

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Majority of the people wouldn’t really have to know what file system is supported by their computers.

But if you are someone who is on their own and may have to format they are hard drives or flash drive then you should be aware of the existing file systems and how different they are from each other.

Send this article we are going to talk about three different file systems which are standard in digital storage.

The filesystem you are going to talk about is NTFS FAT32 from exFAT.

If you have to understand what filesystem actually means it’s basically a way of organising the files on a storage device and how the storage is going to communicate when the information is going to be accessed.

The NTFS file system is basically adopted by Windows and it is usually found on hard drive and SSD, and FAT and FAT32 old systems supported by Microsoft Windows-based computers.

What is NTFS?

NTFS stands for new technology file system which is used by Windows OS why they are hard drives and SSD drive.

So, if you have to install a Windows operating system you and NTFS based HDD or SSD.

What is FAT32?

This one is an old file system that was used by Microsoft in their Windows 95 since it is one of the oldest it has been found supported in the majority of the devices, and the compatibility of FAT32 is on Windows, Linux as well as Android.

The Flash drives are found to be Formated using the Fat32 File System for maximum compatibility. However, it has limited support on Mac OS.

What is exFAT

The exFAT stands for Extended FAT (File Allocation Table) which means the older FAT has been redone to support in the extended environment.

It is the only file system that will be work fully on both Windows and Mac OS.

The exFAt was released with the release of Windows Vista. It is still used for USB Flash Drives

The exFAT lifts all the limitations of FAT32, which means, you can copy files larger than 4GB in size.

It has a file size limit of 16 exabytes which is equivalent to 16 Million Terabytes.

The exFAT system is the most versatile that works in Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android.

Watch this video explaining the file systems.

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