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Just a few days ago, we shared how you can remove the background from a photo in a single click using the new Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.

While it is not as easy as it is on the PC using the Adobe Photoshop CC 2018, it is very much possible on your Android mobile as well.

Being optimistic, I am happy that an app exists in the Play Store and, and it actually does work.

The app that I’m talking about is called Eraser, which is quite literally the purpose of this app, here is the link to the app that you can follow and install on your own Android smartphone.

The interface of this app is quite simple, you have to load an app from your smartphone and once you have your photo in the app, you get the option to crop out areas that you do not want in the photo.

If you do not want to crop anything out, you can tap on that done button on the top right-hand side.

Once you are done with that, there are six options at the bottom, out of which there is an Auto mode and there is a Manual mode.

And then there is a Magic mode as well, once you tap the magic mode, you can start dragging on the areas of the background that you want to remove. You can do it by pressing and hold and keep dragging your finger to keep removing the background.

The magic mode tries to detect the ages around the subject so that it can be prevented from getting removed.

It is better to use the Magic mode around the corners of the Subject and then use the Manual Mode freely to remove other parts that are distant from the subject.

The Auto mode also works pretty much like the Magic one, but its works more broadly than the Magic mode in removing the background.

The Manual mode is basically an Eraser, which needs to be dragged over the places that you want to remove from the background.

The two other options are Repair and zoom, also you can also use two fingers to pinch and zoom.

The Repair option would help you get back the removed portion of the subject if you have done it mistakenly.

The app requires a bit of patience, so consider making use of your free time to remove backgrounds, since it might take from half an hour to an hour to remove the background from a photo perfectly.

Again, there are not a lot of options available when it comes to removing the background from a photo that actually work.

So eraser app is quite helpful in doing so, in my experience the photos that clearly have an outline for the subject and have a plain background with one or two colours it is a lot easier to remove the background of such photos.

If you have got a bunch of them I would recommend you try doing it on PC. Perhaps it would be a lot easier and lot faster inside the Adobe Photoshop CC.

Install the App from Play Store

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