The Fortnight Game Won’t Be Available on Play Store, But it will Make More Money

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People who are eagerly waiting for the Fortnite game to be available in the Play Store here is a sad news for you.

Epic Games, the company behind the Fortnite game, has released a statement where they said that they have no plans to release the game on the Play Store.

You will Still be able to download the app and install it on your Android device.

The company wants to have a direct relationship with the players and the feature to sideload apps on Android smartphone makes it possible for them to ditch Play Store, and have the game available to download directly on their own website.

Why does Epic Games not want to make their game available on Play store?

The Play Store may be a great platform for the app developers to list their apps and gain users, Epic Games has already made a name for it, and it will be a bad business decision to make the game available on the Play Store and offered a cut to Google for all the sales they can otherwise have directly on their own website.

It may seem like a greedy step to all the users but business-wise it is a good decision to make.

Google takes as much as 30% of the sales made from the Play Store.

But it is also a bad decision for the users because it will be easier to update the game from the Play Store because of all the features Play Store offers such as notifying the users when there is an update available for a particular app.

Also, the fact that it will not be available on the Play store, but on Epic Games’ website and its official partners, it will only create confusion among users, and we will be seeing a lot of malicious websites claiming to be official websites to download the Fortnite game.

Google does have got a security measure in place but only if the apps are installed from the Play Store. Which means the users who are going to download this game from other places, will be more prone to have installed an Adware or Malware e on their Android smartphones.

By looking at the case of Coin Master games, there are hundreds of malicious websites claiming to offer unlimited spins and coins for Coinmaster and people are actually getting fooled by search clone website.

So, this decision of Epic Games to not have the Fortnite game on the Play Store may be a profitable one for them, but, it is quite dangerous for the users.

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