5 Ways to Free UP Space on Your iPhone

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All the Smartphone manufacturers have been offering different variants which offer different storage options, and this is a way to make more money by offering higher storage options.

In some cases, there isn’t much difference between the variants, other than the storage. If you have got an iPhone, which is the basic variant with 32 GB or 64 GB of storage, and you feel that you are running out of space real quick, then in this article, we will know about five ways that can help you free up some space on your iPhone.

1. Use Google Photos

It has always been my favorite way to make some space on my Android smartphones, and it works for iPhones as well.

You can install Google photos and backup all your photos since it offers unlimited storage and then it also offers a convenient way to make some space on your iPhone by deleting the images you have already uploaded to the Google photos cloud.

Photos and videos are something and that it is the most amount of space on any phone so using just this simple trick you can make a lot of space on your iPhone.

Read more about Google Photos 

2. Turn off Double Saving o Photos

iPhones have this feature of giving you the option to click photos in high dynamic range.

You might have noticed that your iPhone saves two different versions of the same photo. One is normal, and the other is the HDR version.

You can disable saving Normal photos and only keep the HDR photos, by going to Photos and Camera from settings of your iPhone.

Similarly, you can disable Instagram from saving the uploaded photos locally on your iPhone. It can be done from the settings area as well.

3. Delete unused apps from your iPhone

What time you will find that you have so many apps on your iPhone and most of them you are not using even once in a month, apps like these can be quickly deleted because you’re no longer give them and also if you want to use them you can install them again from the app store.

So to make some space quickly, you can delete unused apps from your iPhone.

4. Delete Media Files from WhatsApp Groups

If you use WhatsApp or any other similar instant messaging service you might be receiving a lot of media files in groups especially in WhatsApp.

You can either manually delete media files (photos and videos) in the groups how you can use WhatsApp’s teacher of data management which will make it easier for you to remove videos and photos in a single tap.

Most of the groups contain memes and random videos that are not that important.

5. Clear Your Browser Cache from iPhone

If you use your phone’s browser to browse a lot of websites, it might have downloaded a lot of cookies and other data from sites in safari.

The browser cache is saved so that some of the content of the websites won’t be downloaded if you open the same site again, but since in these saved items on your phone’s browser takes some space on your iPhone. You can do it from the ‘About Safari & Privacy’ section.

These are a few of the things that you can do to make some space on your iPhone so that you do not have to buy another phone with the highest storage option.

Although soon 64 GB is going to be in almost all the basic variants of iPhone

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