Enable Gmail Read Receipts – Know If Your Emails are Being Opened or Not

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You may already be aware of the ‘Read receipts’ in instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Well, let’s find out what Gmail Read Receipt means.

No matter how controversial the ‘Read receipts’ are, no one can deny that it is indeed a great feature. You get to know whether the recipient has actually read your message or not.

How cool would it be if you can incorporate a similar feature for your important emails as well?

In this article, we are going to talk about just that, and since Gmail is used by over half of the internet population.

It is the most popular email service available, we are going to talk about how you can enable read receipts in Gmail.

Enable Read Receipts in Gmail

Even though Gmail has introduced a lot of features lately, a useful feature like the Read receipts’ is, it’s still not available. Although it is available for G-Suite users who use Gmail.

So, to make it available, you need the help of third-party service. Learn how to put a read receipt on Gmail.

Track your Gmail emails with Unlimited Email Tracker

It is a great Chrome Extension from Snov.io. which has many features for emails that are interesting.

Though Snov.io offers email outreach software as a service, the Chrome extension for email tracking is free. They do not put their branding anywhere in the Signatures or Logos in your sent emails.

There may be many apps/services that offer the ‘Read receipts’ feature, but they usually put an invisible file on the email so that it gets loaded when the emails are opened, which tells you whether or not the email has been opened.

This chrome extension displays labels in your Gmail Inbox to let you know the status of emails from the Inbox itself.

Here is what it means.

You will see:

– a white label Unopened if an email has not yet been opened;

– a purple label Opened with the number of times the recipient opened the email;

– a green label Clicks with the number of times the recipient followed a link in the email.

If you want more details regarding what time your emails have been opened you can open a particular email Then look at the details given by this email tracker extension.

Apart from showing you the analytics about whether or not the emails have been opened, and how many times the link in your emails have been clicked it also gives you a desktop notification in real time whenever your email is opened or the link is clicked.

It also has this feature of scheduling the emails to send on a later date.

This can come in Pretty handy as you can set aside time for writing emails then select the time when to send them. Also, this works for multiple Gmail accounts as well.

Add this Chrome extension 

There are few frequently asked questions about this topic

Can you see if someone read your email in Gmail?

If you are curious to know how to see if someone has read your email in Gmail, don’t worry it’s perfectly normal.

When you send an email in Gmail to someone you mostly get a reply from them in a day or two or whenever they see it.

It is human curiosity to know whether or not the person has read your email, perhaps they are ignoring you, perhaps they have already opened your email but would be relying on a later date.

This is where the third party Apps come in play, there are many services that let you put an invisible file into your email in the form of signature.

Whenever an email is opened, it is loaded to the recipient’s browser and this is how you can know whether the emails have been opened or not using these services.

You can see if someone has read your email or not. The Chrome extension we mentioned is one of the ways you can find out about when the person has opened your email.

Can I request a read receipt in Gmail?

Google has not yet incorporated read receipts for emails in Gmail, but you can surely use third-party services.

One of the services that can give you this option is the Chrome extension called unlimited email tracker from Snov.io

How do I get read receipts in Gmail without the recipient knowing about it?

Mostly all the third party apps or services would put an invisible file into the email, and if the recipient is able to see the file (which is most unlikely) they would know about it.

How to Enable ‘Read receipts’ in G-suite

Not only you can enable read receipts on Gmail, but you can also get G Suite Read Receipts.

Watch this video embedded below to learn how to enable read receipts in G-suite.

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