5 Apps to Get iPhone X Like Gestures on Any Android Mobile

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No matter how many convincing articles we post telling advantage of Android over an iPhone, there will be a group of people who would want to make your Android smartphone look of work like an iPhone.

If you belong to that group of people, then this article is my help you get iPhone X like gestures on your Android smartphone.

Best Android gesture apps to get iPhone X Gestures

Navigation Gestures

This app is developed by one of the admins from XDA developers, the app enables Android users to hide the stock software navigation bar completely.

The app ads iPhone X like still shaped buttons at the bottom of the screen which can be customized for his appearance and the type of gesture it supports.

The app is free to use with a premium version that cost around $1.5.

➤ Install from the Play Store (Free / Paid)

Gesture Control App

Registry control app also has a large fill shift button at the bottom which lets you do different swipe gestures.

You can hide the navigation bar by giving information through ADB tools or provide it root access.

You can also change the sensitivity of the button to make the gestures more efficient and iPhone X like.

Install from the Play Store

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Gesture Bar

The gesture bar app allows you to add a home bar with gesture functionality at every corner of the screen.

The app doesn’t offer an interface which can look good to the eye but it also makes the app size extremely low so if your smartphone has already got a lot of apps there won’t be any issue to have this one on your smartphone as well.

Install from the Play Store

X Home Bar

This app ad iPhone X like home button at the bottom of your screen. The interface of the app is pretty straightforward and the gestures work quite well.

The app is available in the Play store to install for free but to use all the features, you need the pro version with costs $1.89.

➤ Install from the Play Store (Free / Paid)

Edge Gestures

The app ads gestures on the edges of the screen. You can customize different actions for different gestures.

For example, we can go back to the previous screen of your smartphone by swiping in from the designated edge.

The app is available in the Play Store, you can buy it for $1.5

Install from Play Store

So, these were the 5 best Android gesture app that can give your Android phone and iPhone X like experience.

If you or anyone else who was looking to buy iPhone X just because of the gestures it offered.

Now, you don’t have to because you can get the same gestures on any Android smartphone thanks to these gesture-based apps.

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