Google’s New Video Calling App Duo is Actually Pretty Awesome

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Google has launched yet another communication app, yes, it’s not Google Hangout, it isn’t Messenger either.

It’s called Duo and it’s actually pretty awesome. Duo is now available in Play Store and App Store for Android Devices and iOS devices respectively. You can find the link at the bottom of this post.

If you are wondering why Google is launching a product like this when there are already so many apps available in the market. I thought the same until I used Duo. It’s actually pretty good.

Duo app simply lets you make Video calls to others who have Duo app installed on their phone.

How to Install Duo App

The Duo app requires your phone number to configure, just like WhatsApp, you have to put up your number and get a One Time Password to confirm the number.

In case the SMS doesn’t work (which happened in my case), you can use the Call option and get a call for the One Time Password.

Once the app is installed, you can tap on Video to see the list of people who have got Duo App installed, followed by others from your contact list whom you can invite to install Duo and start a Video call.

What Features Does Google Duo Offer?

There are not too many features, the focus is just on the Video and making it a better experience.

The app intelligently detects a slow Wi-Fi connection and switch over to Mobile Data and vice versa.

Also, if the Internet speed is fluctuating, the video will pause and then fade away, but the voice is connected, when the app detects a fair internet connection speed, it starts the video.

I tested a Video call on LTE network which gives a high-speed connection, but also drops every now and then, I did not have to face disconnection, thanks to the feature I mentioned above.

The app also has a feature called Knock Knock, which lets you see the person even before you answer the Video call. It can be disabled from the settings.

Is there Really a Need of Another Video Calling App?

A lot of people are saying that Google is desperate to overtake the messaging app market and trying it’s every bit to fight apps like WhatsApp and iMessage.

This is why they have Google Hangouts, Messenger, Google Voice, and now Duo.

But I still feel Duo has its own place. Google Hangouts is cross-platform apps which require your Gmail for configuration, something I really love about. Messenger is for Text Messages and Google Voice is not available everywhere.

“Google Duo App will be Nice For Those Short & Sweet Video Calls to Your Friends & Family

Duo App is a single device app that can only be used for making Video Calls to another person in your Contact list who has the app installed on his Mobile. It Requires your phone number for the configuration

Google Duo app is useful for me, I make video calls regularly with my parents, and currently I use Skype.

The only problem is that it has too many options, which gets confusing for me Folk. They sometimes accidently mutes the call, turns off the video and it happened very often.

And for some reason, Skype doesn’t notify me about calls if I am not inside the app, so we have to either talk to each other via WhatsApp or a phone call and ask to come online on Skype.

Install Google Duo App

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