Can You Really Hack Wi-Fi Password on Android?

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Anwer Khan
Anwer Khan
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Internet users are really curious minds, they ask a lot of different type of questions to Google.

And since we are at Tech blog, let’s talk about the technical question people in are interested in.

Looks like there are over 3600 people who are looking to know how to hack Wi-Fi password on Android. If you are amongst these people, it’s ok I am not judging you.

In this article, we are going to address this question that is searched by over 3600 people every single month. Can you really hack into someone’s Wi-Fi?

We are assuming that the majority of these people are seriously interested in using their neighbour’s Wi-Fi for free Internet, and they do not want to cause harm to anyone.

Yes, it is possible to hack into someone’s Wi-Fi, but it’s not a piece of cake.

There are different Technologies that are used in the Wi-Fi network, some can be hacked and some are impossible to hack.

Some Wi-Fi is our WPS enabled Wi-Fi network with the router where there is a dedicated WPS button on it for easy connectivity.

A WPS enabled Wi-Fi network can be hacked in some ways, but that you would require a root Android phone, which is also pretty technical to do if you don’t already have a rooted Android mobile phone.

And the apps that promise to hack someone’s Wi-Fi password are simply trying to guess the passwords on it since it has been reported that the most common Wi-Fi passwords are

123456789, 0987654321, password etc. The apps have a list of common passwords which is matched to crack the Wi-Fi password.

Although it is still near impossible to hack someone’s Wi-Fi using just a mobile phone.

Because you would be required to run a few scripts that would require you to have a PC or a laptop so that you can run these scripts to attack a Wi-Fi network to graphics password.

One of the very common ways how to crack a password is brute forcing, where you throw a script which tries different combinations for the password.

Which means, if the Wi-Fi network is using a long string of random Alphanumeric characters, it will become more and more difficult to crack it.

What about all the available apps in the Play Store?

Surprisingly you will find a lot of apps listed in the Play Store promising you to easily hack someone’s Wi-Fi password so that you can use their internet for free.

But all these apps are totally useless and are there just to make money from ads.

If you install a few apps on your mobile phone, you will be bombarded with different kind of Ads, which is the sole purpose of their existence.

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