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Do you want to hack someone’s WhatsApp? Or you may probably want to know how to hack WhatsApp account on Android phone. I guess you should read this post. It’s going to be fun.

There are more than 20,000 people who search for the exact term, ‘How to hack Whatsapp’, and out of these 20,000 people, 2,400 are looking to hack WhatsApp account on Android phone.

The chances are high that you have landed on this article searching for a variation of these terms. Then without wasting any time let’s continue further into the report.

You cannot hack a WhatsApp account just by knowing someone’s number.

When you set up a WhatsApp account on a mobile phone, a unique password (also known as OTP), is sent to the user’s mobile number.

And after the number is confirmed, you can set up your WhatsApp account.

Whenever you try to set up WhatsApp on some other mobile phone, your WhatsApp account on a previous mobile phone will get unlinked.

It means WhatsApp can only be used on just one mobile phone at once. (Although this can be bypassed with MAC Spoofing, more on this later in the article)

Which means, if you ever succeed in fooling someone to get their OTP and set up their WhatsApp account on your mobile phone, they will immediately know about it.

Since it will be unlinked from their mobile phone, and they can repeat the same process, to get the OTP and get back your WhatsApp account.

Merely setting up someone’s Whatsapp account on your mobile phone won’t let you view the previous messages, since they are, saved locally on a mobile phone, in the form of an encrypted file.

Which means, you won’t be able to read the previous messages and the conversation that person had, which won’t give you any benefit of setting up someone’s Whatsapp account on your mobile phone temporarily.

Can the Encrypted messages file of WhatsApp be read by anyone else?

This is a little grey area because it is possible to read the messages saved in the encrypted file locally on a smartphone.

The hardest part is to get the file from someone’s mobile phone, because if you get a hold of someone’s mobile phone.

You have more chances of reading their messages inside the WhatsApp app than stealing the encrypted file saved on their mobile phone.

But, if somehow, you are able to get the encrypted messages file of WhatsApp, you need to have the capability of coding to decrypt those files to read the messages.

Also, there isn’t any handy tool available to decrypt these messages.

What about the services claiming to hack someone’s WhatsApp account for you?

You should be aware that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, which is valued at more than a hundred billion dollars.

It has hired the best engineers from the best places with the best experience and pays them millions of dollars in salaries, to keep everything secure.

Do you think there would be any service which would charge you a couple of dollars to hack into their system?

People who have that kind of knowledge have better things to do than collecting peanuts from other people. So, they are mostly scams and should not be taken seriously.

There is no easy way to hack into WhatsApp.

Hacking WhatsApp using Mac Spoofing?

Every mobile phone has a unique MAC address, and Mac stands for Media Access Control which is a 12 character unique identifier assigned to the network adaptor of the Wi-Fi device.

It is used by WhatsApp to identify the smartphone of the person.

If you want to access someone’s WhatsApp account, you need to get your hands on their Smartphone and look at their MAC address so that you can replicate it on your mobile phone.

In order how to change your MAC address to the desired one, you need to have your mobile phone rooted, which is a bit of technical process.

If you decide to root your mobile phone, you will be able to find it a few apps in the Play Store that lets you change the Mac address on your mobile phone.

After this, you will need access to the smartphone of the person you want to hack, so that,

  • You can copy the Mac address of their mobile phone,
  • Change it on your phone using the apps like BusyBox
  • Try installing WhatsApp on your mobile and then setting it up using that person’s number.

To get the OTP, you need to have access to their smartphone, once you get the OTP, delete it from their mobile, and continue setting up their Whatsapp on your mobile.

You can use the BusyBox app again to change the Mac address back to your original one, and start using your phone.

While it may sound more comfortable, it is indeed not that easy, because you won’t be able to get access to someone’s phone just like that.

Maybe it could be used on someone who is not much into tech, but that would be unethical, and I wouldn’t advice do it either.

Hacking WhatsApp using WhatsApp Web?

You may have heard about hacking someone’s WhatsApp account using the WhatsApp web feature.

First of all, it isn’t hacking if you manage to get someone’s Whatsapp for a few seconds to scan the QR code of WhatsApp Web on your computer.

It will be more of a tricking someone to do it. I have seen a  few people doing it to the non-technical people.

I’ve heard stories from girls, who visit cyber cafes, and cyber cafe owners scanning the QR code on WhatsApp to get a file to print, and then minimize in the window, not telling the girl that they have logged out of it.

WhatsApp web is a pretty useful feature if you want to use WhatsApp on your PC, but it can also be used for stalking and spying on someone by tricking them (which is indeed not hacking)

Thankfully, WhatsApp knows about it and notifies you every time WhatsApp web is active, by showing new notification in the notification area, it also gives you an easy option to log out, by just tapping on the Notification.

In the past, we have shared a couple of steps you can take to keep your WhatsApp account secured, you should read and follow these steps.

And for someone, who is looking to hack WhatsApp account on Android mobile, or PC, tough luck!

You should be making better use of your time than searching for things like this. Also, do not pay anyone who claims to do it for you; you will lose your money as well.

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