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We all need a breather from our hectic lives once in a while. The world we are living in right now is very fast. You cannot take a break from your work and responsibilities for too long. However, to keep yourself sane, you need to figure out ways that can freshen your mind.

Sometimes, all you need is to unwind in a seat on the sofa, a bowl of snacks, your favorite shorts, and a decent movie. There was a time when we used to rent DVDs to view our favorite movies.

That time has gone. No one has time to buy DVDs and then watch a movie. Streaming platforms have simplified the process of watching movies. Netflix used to be a video renting business. Since converting to a streaming service, it has attracted a large global following.

There are many other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Hulu, which have captured a good amount of users and the numbers are going up every day because these streaming platforms offer a lot at a very economic cost.

Cable TV companies are also doing significant changes. Cox, for instance, offers multiple Spanish and English movie channels to their users. Most people in America face issues regarding Spanish content but companies like Cox have simplified the process.

You can reach out to Cox en Español Servicio al Cliente to get more information on Spanish content.

Nonetheless, with so many options to choose from, it’s easy to become perplexed. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best streaming apps for watching movies on your smartphone or laptop. The following are one of the best streaming applications, on which you can watch tons of quality content in multiple languages.


Netflix was an online movie renting service that began in 1997. The company used to deliver DVDs to people’s homes and made suggestions for what movies you should rent next. In 2007, its streaming service was launched, allowing customers to watch movies and series on their computing system rather than renting actual DVDs.

It has now become a popular source of entertainment for people of all ages. With a low monthly fee, the platform offers hundreds of movies and TV shows to binge-watch. The films span a wide range of genres, including action, thriller, romance, comedy, and science fiction.

There are two sorts of content available on Netflix: licensed and original. Netflix produces its own films and television shows, and then there are tons of licensed films and television series, which you can find on Netflix. It has generated international successes with original films such as The Irishmen, which was nominated for an Academy Award. Roma also took up the prize for best foreign-language film in 2019.

Netflix is used by millions of people all around the world. Netflix streaming app and website offer a user-friendly interface. It helps you in the selection of films based on your preferences. You will get suggestions based on your watching history.

There are different plans offered by Netflix to their users and you can choose a plan that suits your needs and budget. The best part is that no matter which plans you get, you will get access to all the available content but the quality varies from plan to plan.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is a formidable rival to Netflix, with a large movie library and a low monthly charge. Inception, The Wheel of Time, and The Report are just a few of the best movies and exclusive TV series available on Prime Video.

Amazon Prime library has around 18,000 films in its collection. Prime Video is available as a stand-alone service and if you have an Amazon subscription, you will be getting Amazon Prime Video for free.

The Boys and Chemical Hearts are among the top original content, produced by Amazon. In the kids’ collection, Prime Video stands out. You can find multiple popular kid’s content on this streaming platform.


If you are on a low budget and you are okay with watching a few ads, Hulu is the perfect streaming platform for you. Android, iOS, Chromecast, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Amazon Fire TV are all supported by the Hulu app. It’s exclusively accessible in the United States. It contains a large selection of films from a variety of genres.

With films like Parasite, which won the Best Picture Oscar in 2020, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire, it sometimes outperforms all other platforms. You can watch critically renowned series like The Handmaid’s Tale, High Fidelity, and America with Sara Silverman in addition to incredible movies.


Tubi is another excellent movie-watching streaming platform. It features a large film selection as well as all of the popular British series, anime, and Korean dramas. Every Friday, new stuff is added to the collection.

You can watch the movies on Tubi on your smart TV with your friends and family. Furthermore, you can get films from big productions like Lionsgate studios, MGM, and Paramount. It is available for free download on your smartphone.


Sony Pictures Television is the creator of Crackle. It is a well-known movie streaming service. It offers free movies in a variety of genres, including action, drama, suspense, and comedy. In the same way that Netflix and Amazon Prime are, Crackle features a spotlight channel that suggests the greatest movies to watch based on your preferences.

There are advertisements, just as on all other free sites. You can, however, subscribe to the premium service to have a better streaming experience with fewer ads.

Summing It up

It’s a new world and this new world is moving towards streaming services and so should you because it has a lot in its bucket to offer you. You just need to figure out what you want and you will get it. Make the most of your weekend by binge-watching your favorite movies with friends and family with these fantastic apps!

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