How to play the WhatsApp audio file in the background

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Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed
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There is a new update that has been made available in WhatsApp.

You now have the ability to play the audio files, you get in WhatsApp, in the background, which means the longer audio files sent by your friends and your family can be listened to while doing other stuff as well.

The Audio files were only playable when you were inside the chat box where it was sent.

Now when you tap on the play button and then press home button to get on the home screen, the audio still plays out.

You can control the play and the pause the the audio file from the notification panel.

WhatsApp has been making tiny improvements to its messaging app and this feature comes really useful as a lot of times the audio files sent by our friends and family is an important long message, like a podcast, a recording of a prank call, or maybe a song.

And now that can be enjoyed without having to stay on a single screen and actually use your smartphone for other things while listening to the audio file in the background.

While mostly all the apps offer this functionality of playing in the audio files in the background, people really want to have this functionality in WhatsApp.

The other app that also requires this kind of functionality is YouTube.

While YouTube isn’t only audio, people use it as a music player or listening to podcasts and they really don’t care about the visuals.

But the YouTube’s terms and condition does not allow the developers to not show the video because, perhaps, it is an ad supported platform where visual ads help YouTube keep the lights on.

But you don’t have to worry about that if you want to play YouTube videos in the background, there is a way to do it and we have already covered it.

So this was a post about how you can play the audio files you get in the WhatsApp in the background. I hope you find this article useful and you can check out this huge article which contains mostly all the tips and tricks about WhatsApp.

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