What Happens When You Delete A WhatAapp Message with A Single Tick ✅

It can be embarrassing if you send a message to someone on WhatsApp that you regret later, and WhatsApp it.

This is why they introduced Delete for everyone feature. With the feature, users were able to delete their messages they’ve already sent under 7 minute window.

If you’ve spend more than 7 minutes of sending the message, the feature can’t help you,because it won’t be there.

It has saved me from so many bad situations when I commit to something in a flow, but then delete the message and replace it with another one, a diversion message to avoid that awkward moment.

It makes people think the deleted message might be a typo or something similar to the one they’re reading but a better rephrased one.

What happens when you delete a message that has a single tick ✅.

Let’s just understand what different ticks mean, if you already know, you can skip this part.

Single tick ✅ means, the message you sent, has gone to whatsapp server, and have been saved there,

Double tick ✅ ✅ means, the recipient’s Whatsapp has internet access and the message has been delivered.

Blue double tick ✅ ✅ means, the recipient was online on WhatsApp and they’ve read the message.

You have the feature to delete the message in all of the three stages as long as it’s under 7 minutes.

And in all cases, the message will be deleted and “Deleted for everyone” will be shown like in the screenshot. The recipient will know a message has been deleted.

Some people are cofused as whether this will be displayed if it’s just a single tick ✅ sine it’s not delivered yet.

But the message is already on the servers, it just has to be delivered on recipient’s phone.

So, it appears to let them know a message was sent but it got deleted.

What happens if you block the person temporarily?

The outcome would be the same, doesn’t matter you block or not. Once the message is on the WhatsApp servers, it goes there.