Microsoft Launches Surface Laptops to Compete with Macbook Air

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I the Start of May, Microsoft is challenging two different companies with one Product. Their new Surface Laptops that are running on a new version of Windows 10, that is called Windows 10S, which is lighter and will run smoothly even on entry level Laptops.

And if you haven’t guessed it already, the Windows 10S aims to compete with Chromebooks that are being adapted by students because of their smoothness and pocket-friendly approach.

We have talked about it in a sperate post, so let’s just talk about the Laptops instead. You can take a look at the video below. (or just look at the pictures instead).

Looking the design and the way it is being showcased, one can clearly make out they want to challenge Macbook Air,

in fact, I read the comments on some popular blogs, it was already filled with phrases like ‘next MacBook Killer’

The reason it is being called MacBook Killer is the specs and the design choices. The use of Core i5 and Core i7 processors giving battery power of around 14+ hours with a Display size of 13.5-inch.

How can it be a MacBook Killer when it runs on Windows 10S?

Microsoft may have unveiled them with Windows 10S, the hardware is quite sufficient to handle the Windows 10. In fact, users can upgrade to Windows 10 free of cost.

The Surface Laptops are full-fledged laptops, unlike Microsoft’s Previous Surface devices which are more like 2 in 1. (Tablet + Laptop). The Laptops will be available in four different colours and in different configurations.

The Core i5 variant has 4Gb of RAM, 128GB of SSD Storage and is priced at $999. The Surface Laptops will be available from June onwards.

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