Yahoo Weather vs MSN Weather: Which One is More Accurate?

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If you are someone who has to travel for their work or even have to step out from home, one crucial information about the day they want at their fingertips is the weather.

Because this helps in planning your day better, now, looking at the weather information is just a Google search away. I mean, the moment you type in weather in your Google Chrome browser it will show you the result even before you stop typing.

But sometimes you want some information to be displayed on your screen all the time. Then maybe you use your smartphone for such information, but, since we are comparing the two of the most popular weather sources, let’s make a proper comparison by showing you the difference between the two, on both Computers and Mobile.

You so like I said, weather information is just a Google search away, but sometimes you would want it to be appearing on your homepage all the time.

Sadly, Google Chrome homepage is a little too clean, and they have also shut down their customizable home page.

Which leaves us with two next best options, one is Yahoo, and the other one is MSN, both have been quite popular over the last decade.

You can make the official website of either Yahoo or Amazon, the homepage of your browser, which will show you the information you want on your screen all the time.

MSN Weather & Yahoo Weather on A Computer Web Browser

The placement of the weather information on Yahoo can be found on the right-hand sidebar, and you might have to scroll down a bit to find the information.

Or maybe you can keep it there so that you don’t have to scroll down all the time.

If you want to use MSN instead of Yahoo, you won’t have to scroll down. The weather information is available just in the middle of the page.

However, it’s just the temperature for the current day, Unlike the information shown on Yahoo, where it also shows the minimum temperature for the day and the next three days, which I think is pretty helpful.

To look at more information about whether you can click on it on both Yahoo and Amazon which will take you to a dedicated page.

The weather information on both sources pretty accurate. There isn’t much difference between the two if you have to look at the local weather.

However, I found, weather information on Amazon to be more accurate when compared with other weather resources.

The good thing about Yahoo weather is that it is available as a standalone app for both Android and iOS.

But like I said the weather information shown on Amazon is more accurate and thankfully they also have got an app that is available for Android only. `

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