Microsoft Tech Support Scammer Ends Up Locking His Own Computer

Give me 199 Rupees to unlock the computer...NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD.

You may have read a lot of stories about Scammers portraying as Microsoft Tech Support, calling innocent people in USA & Canda, fooling them into getting access to their computer and infecting their PCs to extract some money.

Well, According to a report, over 2.2 million people in Canada receive Scam calls as Microsoft Tech Support, and over a 200 thousand people fall prey to them and lose over $3.3 million, that’s a huge money.

Enough of facts, let’s talk about Karma. and Karma is a bitch indeed.

Watch this video where a Tech Support Scammer ended up setting a Syskey and BIOS password on his own computer.

The guy was new to his Job and I am really enjoying the shake in his voice when he realizes his Computer is locked. This is epic.


Jokes aside, this is a serious issue, if people still get scammed in 2017 for this? it will be a shame.

Here is what you can do to keep yourself safe from such people

If you ever get a call from Microsoft asking you to fix your computer, hang up. (read this notice from Microsoft)

If you don’t know much about computers, get a Mac (it’s much safer), or Chromebooks are awesome for light browsing.

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