Mobile Data Not Working on Android? Here are Possible Fixes

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Asif Ahmed
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Are you having trouble using your mobile data while you are out? Here are possible fixtures that will let you use your mobile data to access the internet.

A Report on Statista claims that 51.9 8% of the total internet traffic comes from mobile data. It clearly shows more than half of the internet traffic uses their mobile phone data to access the internet.

Not being able to use the internet on mobile phones is one of the most common issues. There can be multiple reasons why you are not able to access the internet on your mobile. And this is what we are going to address in this article

Lack of network coverage

So you are using mobile data to access the internet on your mobile phone and mobile details provided by your Telecom operator.

Your mobile phone receives the signal thrown by different mobile phone towers installed in different parts.

Show the connectivity also depends on how far you are from the tower. Your mobile is receiving a signal from it.

If you are in a remote area, the chances are that you are going to have trouble connecting to the internet cause of the inadequate network coverage.

There is not much to do in this case. You can try connecting to the internet by changing your physical location. Maybe you are in the basement where the signal hardly reaches you can go out, or go on a little higher so that there is nothing between the tower and your mobile phone.

Mobile data plan expired?

I know this is highly unlikely that you turned to the internet for a solution without checking whether your data plan has expired.

But sometimes people forget. I have been in a similar situation where I thought that I had a mobile plan activated on my mobile phone, but in reality, it was expired.

In those cases, your internet will stop working if you do not have a balance on your mobile phone.

Session timeout

Session time is also one of the common reasons why mobile data can stop working on your mobile phone.

You might still be an in an area with good network coverage, but your mobile data would still not work internet session has timed out.

The information is sent and received from your mobile phone in the form of data packets, and when the exchange stops, internet usage also stops.

So in this case merely turning off data and then turning back on can solve the issue since you start a new session. And sometimes you would need to restart your mobile phone.

Mobile data limit reached

Modern Android Smartphones have got a feature built into their OS. Where you can keep a check on how much mobile data your smartphone is using.

You can set it to how much data you want to consume. Mobile data internet on your mobile phone will stop working when you reach it.

Ideally, you will get notified about it,  and the instructions will appear in the notification area, tapping on which can take you, to the data usage area where you can reset the mobile data usage limit.

Check DND is turned ON

Your Android phones and other exciting feature called DND (Do Not Disturb) can also give you headaches.

Ideally, it puts your smartphone in silent mode so that you not get disturbed, but sometimes, your phone can also turn on Airplane Mode. (although it is OEM specific).

It might seem ridiculous that we have to include this in this article. Still, it is one of the most common issues faced by a lot of people when they forget that their mobile phone is on airplane mode, and they are trying to access the internet using mobile data.

Part of the reason is that you can still use Wi-Fi by putting your phone on airplane mode. So if your someone who keeps their mobile phone on airplane mode and accessories internet using Wi-Fi at home. It is pretty common to forget that when you are away from home and trying to access the internet.

Check your preferred network type

This is also one of the common reasons why you are not able to access the internet using your mobile data.

Maybe you have selected your preferred network type as 4G only, or 3G Only. And you are at a place where there is only 2G networks available.

In such situations, you won’t get any network on your mobile phone, and you won’t be able to use the internet using your mobile data.

What you can do is go to the network theory of your mobile phone and select your preferred network type to 3G if you were using 4G Only, or to 2G, If you are using 3G only, and see if you can get network.

On 2G, the internet will work slow, but you would still be able to connect to the internet.

So these were some of the common issues and their probable fixes that can help you use the internet using your mobile data.

But if the above solution still not work for you, there may be other issues such as your sim has been damaged, and you might need to replace it, but first, you can try to eject and re-insert it to try your luck.

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