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YouTube has gradually become my one stop destination for all the Content Consumption, be it for learning a skill, like playing the Guitar, or Watching Comedy and or  Music Videos.

I do it on my Mobile phone all the time, even when I have to just listen to the music, I use YouTube.

But, the YouTube app doesn’t let you do Multi Tasking if you want to just listen to the Music coming from YouTube and do something else.  It doesn’t just play the videos in the Background.

Thankfully, it’s Android, and there are plenty of apps that make this possible, most of them are pretty ugly and are only there to make some advertising money, but I found one app to be working well for me.

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Awesome Pop-up Video is the app which lets you play YouTube videos in the Background. Awesome Pop-up Video has some pretty cool features apart from the ability to play YouTube videos in the background.

How does Awesome Pop-up Video Work

It not only lets you play videos from YouTube but from your own Device and other sources like Vimeo, Ted Talk Videos

You can even float the videos over other apps, resize it and let it keep running while you check your emails or browse Facebook.


This feature is actually available in my high-end Samsung Android phones, but It is super fun to have such kind of feature on a budget Android device.

The app has a Golden Ticket (a premium version) which removes the ads, increases play time and download the videos (other than YouTube videos).


I’ve seen few similar apps disappearing from the Play Store, and I am not sure if Awesome Pop-up Videos will be speared by Google for this workaround, so, here is an alternate way to Pay the YouTube videos in the Background for the purpose of listening to the Music.

Flynx is the app that can help you do that, and it’s pretty useful for opening links in a Facebook Chat Heads styled bubble. So, when the bubble is minimized, the Videos still play, letting you listen to the Audio.

How does Flynx Play YouTube Videos in Background


Flynx is a browser you can use to open links in the background so that you keep browsing your Twitter timeline and check out the web page when you want it. It keeps floating over your current app, just like the Facebook Messenger Chat Heads.

It will open the YouTube links in a similar manner, when you minimize it, the video keeps playing and you can keep browsing other apps.

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