How to Access Blocked Websites from Anywhere in the World

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Asif Ahmed
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The best things in this word are Free, but unfortunately not available to everyone and in this case, it’s your favourite websites that are blocked, be it a country specific block, office/school network specific block or geo-restricted websites that are blocked in other countries.

We believe the Internet should be available to everyone, and as these websites reside on the Internet, there is no particular reason why you should be kept from accessing these websites.

In this post, we will talk about the ways that let us access these websites from any country, any network or any device.

Access Websites Blocked on School / Office Networks

Free Internet in School and Office is a great perk, but most of them use Firewalls that block few websites, that can affect the productivity, like Social Networking Sites, Video Streaming Sites and Adult Content sites.

Someone, instead of typing the website URL inside the address bar, if you simply Google the website, you can view the cached version of the website, hopefully, it will get opened.


You can also access the website using the Google’s mobile search option. Google offers a stripped down version of a website for users accessing it from a slower mobile connection. And the blocking software won’t block it if you use Google Mobile search.

Similarly, Google Translate can also be used for accessing websites that are blocked on a certain network. The thing is, every data packet is transmitted through Google servers and if the network has allowed Google, these techniques will work like a charm.

If Google is also blocked, you may try proxy websites like annonymouse and KProxy.

If you are using the Wi-Fi network on your phone, and want to access blocked websites on your phone, you can also try certain VPNs from the Play Store and see what works for you.

Access Geo-Restricted Websites Blocked in Certain Countries

There are websites that are blocked in certain countries because of the piracy and copyright laws. For example, you cannot access websites like Pandora, Hulu and Spotify from India because of the piracy issues.

There are few ways to access these websites, like using VPN (Virtual Private Network), which tricks these websites thinking you are accessing their websites from the country they are not blocked in.

But your experience of consuming content like Audio and Video will depend on the type of VPN you choose. Free VPNs provide a bad experience as they provide less bandwidth which slows down the internet speed. Imagine how it was browsing the Internet ten years ago.

Easy solution is a paid option called MediaHunt, gives you a great experience of viewing content without any issues, Find out how it works here 


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