How to Post Panoramic 360 Photos on Instagram?

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Mobile phone photography has evolved so much in the last few years. With all smartphone check with artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, mixed reality, and many other capabilities, 360-degree photos are the next big thing.

So Much that Facebook has started supporting 360-degree photos, from last few years, and they even allow you to take 360-degree photos, even when your smartphone camera is not eatable for taking 360-degree photos, check out this article to know how.

Considering Facebook owns Instagram, it’s a shame that it is not allowed the same kind of capability on Instagram as well since it is the most visual social media platform available.

The content created on Instagram is mostly videos and photos and would have been nicer if Facebook had allowed posting 360-degree photos on Instagram as well.

While posting 360-degree photos or panoramic photos is only limited to Facebook there is a workaround to post them on Instagram as well.

The Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, it introduced a number of features to the platform since then, and one of them was the ability to post multiple photos in a single post.

Users had to swipe right or left to view all other photos posted in the single post.

We can use the same feature for boasting panoramic for 360-degree photos on Instagram. And the good thing is that we can use the same method of creating 360-degree photos or panoramic photos on Facebook, which also keeps a copy of the photo of in a folder named Facebook, which can be found under the ‘Pictures’ folder.

If you had already shared 360-degree photos on Facebook, you might already have them saved in that folder, if not you can go through the article mentioned above to create one.

Now, you need to install one of these apps that I found on the Play Store. The purpose of these apps is to chop off the panoramic or 360-degree photo into multiple photos that can be posted on Instagram.

People would be swiping through the photos as if it is a single photo.

3 Best Android Apps to Post Panoramic 360 Photos on Instagram

Panorama Crop for Instagram

Panorama crop for Instagram is pretty good on the UI path, it gives you three options to post a photo on Instagram, for posting Paranomic photos or 360 photos Unity select the first one which is it swipeable post.

You will then be able to browse to the folder where you will find the saved 360-photo that you have created using the Facebook app.

You can then select the Canvas and the number of photos you want to slice the 360-photo to post.

Other than being highly annoying for showing popup ads there isn’t anything negative about this app. If you want to use it once in a while this should be ok since it is not very heavy and sized under 10MB.

Install from the Play Store

Panorama for Instagram

Panorama for Instagram at which is also under 10 MB and offers all the functionalities the above tab offers.

The only thing that is different from the above app is the user interface, it is still easy, but like the Panorama crop for Instagram, the Panorama for the Instagram app is also quite ad heavy which is a bit of turn off.

Again, if you are not someone who is going to post 360 photos in Instagram every single day or, multiple times a day, then you can surely use either of these apps, they function properly.

Install from the Play Store

Panorama for Instagram: InSwipe

Panorama for Instagram: Inswipe, is a rather simple app for posting 360 photos, all the Panasonic photos on Instagram.

The user interface is not that’s good, two cities in simple Black and White, but the thing that I like about this app the most, it did not have too many annoying ads.

Obviously, since that is free to use the only way to monetize the app is by showing ads, I am really happy that a developer has thought of putting only banner ads, and not trying to make more money by annoying users by showing popup ads, at least till now.

I used all the three apps for testing purpose then immediately uninstalled the other two and I’m happy with the Panorama for Instagram: Inswipe. 

You can save your time by directly installing the last app, but you are free to try three of them choose the one you like the most.

Install from the Play Store

This is how you can post 360-degree photos or panoramic photos on Instagram without actually having the feature natively available on the platform.

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