PUBG Tip & Tricks : Get the Most out of this Addictive Android Game

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With more than 50 Million Installs just from the Play Store, in only 5 months of its release on the platform. We can imagine the kind of craze there is for this game.

Not to forget, the number of people who have downloaded the PUBG game from other sources or got it from someone else. It’s a crazy number of people playing this game day and night.

With this kind of popularity, it is obvious to see a snowball effect with more and more people trying to understand why this game is so popular,

If you are one such person, who has finally given in and wants to try PUBG, consider this article at the guide for starters or a crash course to keep up with people who are playing it from a long time.

Though you will only get better with practice it is better to learn a thing or two about the game to make the process of mastering it faster.

PUBG or PlayerUnknow’s Battleground is a pretty simple and straightforward game.

How does the Battleground work

In a general sense, when you start playing, u n a group of other people land on a Small Island. And then the game starts.

The sole purpose of the game is to survive until the end. You can play solo or choose your squad so that you can play as a team to bring down other people.

If it is not obvious by now, it is a multiplayer game that requires high-speed internet connection as well as a smartphone powerful enough to handle the graphics.

While there is an option to tweak the graphics so that it can work on Budget smartphones as well, and do not worry the developers have also released a Lite version of PUBG for Budget smartphones.

Coming back to the game, if you have a lot of patience you can play defensive stay in stealth mode by hiding yourself somewhere until other people fight and kill each other in order to survive, and then you come out for the final gunfight at the end of a round.

And since the objective of the game is to kill each other in order to survive, it is quite a smart, get a boring, strategy to avoid risk and higher your chances of surviving.

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This is all you have to do, the rest of the things you will learn while playing it. It is suggested that you indulge in a fighting match every now and then to know how to use the weapons and how to shoot others when the time comes.

1Once you land, your first priority should be to load yourself with emanation and weapons. You can choose to land at places that are best for loose, such as buildings that have been attacked.

Having armour suggest the backpack the head and the body armour can prepare you to take some heads without dying and losing the game.

2 If you do not want to get noticed, you can take your shoes off in Run barefoot. The running speed won’t be affected but it will be quieter.


3You can stay in the game’s voice chat but make your own chat toh party only. You will occasionally over here any meetings who forget to set their chats to private.

4Only should when you are in range because the game is not about blind live firing at someone thinking that is just a computer that is fighting back at you.

Because if you are not in the range of your weapon shooting, you can only harm Yourself by letting the attacker know about you and getting shot.

But why to be patient and only shoot when you know you can hit the person making sure it is not a wasted attempt.

5 Ride on a vehicle if you need to move fast in the game, running is all good and nice but it isn’t as fast as reading the vehicle.

Since it’s the game you don’t have to ethically write about using someone’s car on the road, which you will find plenty in larger cities.

Again, a bike is faster than a jeep, that the deep fried more perfection you can save you from A bullet. Also, I can carry multiple players, so it is good for your squad as well.

6Plan the attacks with your squad, it is more effective and safer. You can communicate with your squadmates to plan out things.

But also remember, while it is easier to attack in a group, it is also easier to be spotted and getting attacked, so it’s better you do it strategic early together for an attack or split up to divide the risk of being attacked.

7 At the beginning of sharing the tips and tricks about the game, we mentioned that it’s all about keeping yourself from dying. We can try not being a hero, but playing it strategically.

Do you have any PUBG tips and tricks to add feel free to add it in the comments below?

More will be updated here with time.

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