How to Record Video Calls on Facebook & WhatsApp

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Video calling is one of the most used features these days. It has allowed users to make international calls without having to spend huge money.

It is a blessing for anyone who is friends are families are living abroad, it can hugely cut your phone bills.

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can record these video calls on your smartphone.

Now, for recording these video calls, there might be so many different reasons. One of the reasons that I can think of is if you are using video call to talk to a client and want to share it with your team.

Whatever the case is it is helpful to know how you can record or download video call you made on WhatsApp.

1. AZ Screen Recorder

The number one method that comes to mind, used to capture the screen on your smartphone. Though we have posted a list of best screen recording apps for smartphones in a separate post, I want to specifically mention AZ Screen Recorder.

The AZ Screen Recorder does not require any type of root on your smartphone and woodwork flawlessly to record the screen as well as the sound coming out of it.

2. Du Screen Recorder

Another Screen Recorder that I would like to recommend is the Du Screen Recorder.

It was exactly like the AZ Screen Recorder, but also offers some features for free that are available in the provision of AZ recorder, such as trimming the video after recording.

Also, Du Screen Recorder is an ads-free an app and you don’t need to pay for any type of premium or pro version.

Both the apps work in a similar manner, they would require permission to draw over apps so that you can control them to start and stop the recording.

A small which it would appear floating on the screen that would let you control the screencast.

And since you can record the entire screen, these two apps can be used for recording video calls not just from WhatsApp but from other apps as well.

I’m not just video calls you can record game please, or even live stream them to Facebook or YouTube.

Install either of these apps from the Play Store.

You can check out this list of screen recorders for smartphones.

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